12 Apr 2024  |   05:47pm IST

Tension Soars as Demolition of 22 Illegal Structures Commences in Sangolda

Tension Soars as Demolition of 22 Illegal Structures Commences in Sangolda

Team Herald

Tensions soared in Sangolda as the demolition squad commenced demolition of 22 illegal structures on communidade property. The operation, commenced following the dismissal of a petition by the High Court of Bombay at Goa on February 6, 2024. The petition, filed by owners of the disputed houses, sought extensions to stave off the impending demolition.

Amidst the chaos, residents expressed their frustration at the absence of political and official support, lamenting their status as mere pawns in the political game. "We are not vote banks," remarked one resident. "We earn our livelihood honestly and deserve better treatment. Our houses should have been regularized, but we have received no government assistance."

Voices of dissent echoed through the crowd, with residents asserting their demands for ownership agreements and legal recognition of their dwellings. "Only if our houses are legally recognized under our names will we consider voting in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections," declared a distressed resident.

The plight of the residents, predominantly lower-income families, resonated as they questioned the motives behind the demolition. "Why are they harassing us? Where will we go with our children?" lamented another resident, reflecting the desperation gripping the community.

As tensions reached a boiling point, ominous warnings emerged from the crowd. "Our people are prepared to defend their homes at any cost," proclaimed a defiant voice. "If authorities proceed with the demolition, we will not hesitate to take drastic measures."


Idhar Udhar