21 Nov 2023  |   10:19am IST

Traffic Woes Plague Mapusa as Residents Urge Immediate Solutions

Traffic Woes Plague Mapusa as Residents Urge Immediate Solutions

Team Herald

The residents of Mapusa are voicing their concerns over the chronic issue of traffic congestion that has gripped the city, turning daily commutes into a challenging ordeal. The persistent traffic jams have become a major source of inconvenience for both residents and businesses. Urging immediate attention to this long-standing problem, locals are calling for effective solutions to alleviate the traffic snarls that have become a routine aspect of life in Mapusa.

In addition to the traffic woes, residents are also highlighting the absence of proper signages across Mapusa. The lack of clear directional indicators is causing confusion and inconvenience, not only for locals but also for visitors navigating the city's streets. The appeal from residents underscores the need for comprehensive measures to address both traffic management and signage infrastructure, ensuring a smoother and more organized experience for everyone in Mapusa.

Authorities are being urged to prioritize these issues to enhance the overall mobility and navigation experience within the city, benefiting both residents and those who visit Mapusa.


Idhar Udhar