10 Jun 2024  |   08:03pm IST

Tree collapses on shops and chapel at Chapora; no injuries reported

Tree collapses on shops and chapel at Chapora; no injuries reported

Team Herald

CHAPORA:  A massive tree collapsed on shops and a chapel at Dabhol Waddo, Kaisuva, Chapora, on Sunday morning, due to incessant rains and gusty winds. The incident occurred around 2 am, causing damage to property and disrupting the electricity supply. Prompt action by locals and quick response from Mapusa fire and emergency services and electricians prevented further damages.

According to residents, the heavy rains and winds were so powerful that the tree suddenly collapsed, damaging the shops, a chapel, and an electricity line. "Due to heavy rains and winds, the tree collapsed suddenly. We immediately phoned our panchayat member informing him about the situation. He then called the Mapusa fire and emergency services and Anjuna electricity department linemen for help. Firefighters cleared the area, and in no time, the linemen also restored the electricity," said Cynthia Fernandes, a Chapora resident.

Hitesh Parab, a firefighter from Mapusa FES, stated, "We got a call around 11:59 am. Since we were preoccupied with other works, we informed the locals that we would be arriving late. When we reached the spot, we saw that the locals were clearing the branches, and with their help, we were able to successfully clear all branches of the tree."

The impact of the collapse caused damage to the compound wall, shops, and parts of the chapel. The estimated loss was around Rs 50,000. The quick and coordinated efforts of the local Panch members, firefighters, and electricians averted further damage and swiftly restored normalcy to the area.



Iddhar Udhar