27 May 2023  |   11:25am IST

Woman killed after being attacked by a bison at Sattari

Woman killed after being attacked by a bison at Sattari

Team Herald

44-year-old Jayanti Gaonkar from Kankire, Sattari, was killed after being attacked by a bison at her cashew plantation. The attack resulted in severe injuries, and unfortunately, Jayanti passed away at the scene.

Bison, also known as Indian gaurs, are large and powerful animals that can exhibit aggressive behaviour if they feel threatened or provoked. The frequent sightings of gaurs have created fear among the locals of Sattari. Sometimes, these wild animals suddenly appear on the roads which pose a grave danger to two-wheeler riders. Two incidents of bison attacking two-wheeler riders have been reported in a span of one month. The incidents of man-animal conflict have been on the rise, with farmers complaining about bison destroying their crops as well.

It is therefore important to maintain a safe distance and avoid approaching or disturbing bison, especially in their natural habitats. To mitigate the risk of such incidents, here are some general safety guidelines when encountering wildlife:

1) Maintain a safe distance: Keep a respectful distance from wild animals, especially large and potentially dangerous ones like bison. Do not approach them or try to feed them.

2) Observe from a safe location: If you spot a wild animal, observe it from a safe distance, preferably from inside a vehicle or a secure and elevated location.

3) Stay calm and avoid sudden movements: If you encounter a wild animal, remain calm and avoid making sudden movements or loud noises that may startle or provoke it.

4) Do not disturb or corner the animal: Ensure that you do not disturb or corner the animal, as this may trigger defensive or aggressive behavior.

5) Respect their territory: Remember that you are in the animal's habitat. Respect their space and avoid entering their territory whenever possible.

6) Report the sighting: If you encounter a potentially dangerous wild animal in a populated area, notify the local authorities or wildlife officials so that appropriate measures can be taken.


Iddhar Udhar