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Calangute Chromosome: OFF SEX,, TRUTH & TAPES

06 Aug 2017 05:40am IST
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06 Aug 2017 05:40am IST
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Asmita Polji and Basuri Desai conducted a skin deep probe to find out the flourishing sex trade that has tainted Calangute beach area

t's stunning and hence is also called the "Queen of beaches". Hardly 20 km from Panjim, Calangute is the largest beach in north Goa. Calangute along with Candolim, Baga and Anjuna form a part of the beach stretch extending from just outside Panjim to Aguada Fort. YES, WE ALL KNOW THAT!

WE ALSO KNOW THAT Calangute is home to one of the largest and commercialized beaches in Goa.

SADLY, what the entire world is getting to know is that its reputation is rapidly turning ugly. It's becoming sinister downright.

At times, you don't have to wait for the sun to set; the stage gets set for the kinkiness.

Released in May, 2014, a report by a social organisation ARZ said, tourist hotspot Calangute had become a preferred area of operation for prostitution rackets. The commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) activity is more concentrated within Calangute police jurisdiction than any other tourist place in Goa, the report said.

Arz, Anyay Rahit Zindagi, women empowerment is an organisation fighting against human trafficking in Goa.

Calangute Police station covers the entire beach belt from Sinquerim to Baga which has hundreds of restaurants, shacks and many other tourism-related trades. Along with all legal trades, the police have to also keep tab over the illicit activities which are taking place in Calangute.

Calangute Police has no shortage of staff as per sanction but it is not proportionate. The challenges and crime rate has also increased in these years, but the staff sanction was done by the department in 2009.

The video, which recently went viral on social media last week showing three women soliciting customers with the offer of sex service, has all again shown the grimy underbelly of Calangute. Locals had different views on this video which went viral on Face book & WhatsApp.

Mahesh Kalangutkar said, “Police teams are patrolling all around Calangute but if this is happening in the open and the cops still can't spot it then what's the use of such patrolling? If the police wants to curb illegalities seriously in Calangute they should increase the number of patrolling teams and maintain a hawk eye."

It is a fact that the number of tourists as well as crime rate both have increased manifold and surprisingly, there are no lady officers in the Calangute police force especially during the raids.

“The girls seen in the video are non-Goans and since Goa is a tourist destination,  every person is welcome here but everyone has to abide by some rules and regulationscustom. Do we have a proper system of checking the identity of outsiders involved in such activities," asked a local Manoj Naik.

He went on to say, “If this is Acche Din and Swachchta, I fear that we don't want such things here in Goa. Before making Goa garbage-free, we need to make Calangute free from such activities. Because of such unruly scenes on the streets of Calangute, the quality of tourists has also come down and Goans are scared to venture out after sunset."

According to Joaquim Fernandes, “This is the real truth of Calangute, which was once only known for its beautiful beaches, is now also infamous for illegal activities like prostitution and drugs. These activities are going on openly because they are being supported by some powerful persons. But if such things continue, Goa's name will be tainted forever."

“All this while, the cops were saying that this kind of activity is carried out behind closed doors due to which they cannot curb it but what do they have to say now with the video going viral? Any new excuse," asked Sophia Lobo.





Calangute Police have improved up on their detention rate in 2017 as compared to that in previous years.


Calangute Police Inspector J. Dalvi said already 10 cases of Narcotics Drugs Psychotropic Substance (NDPS) were booked till date which is double than that of cases booked in 2016. He said that a wide variety of narcotics substances like ganja, charas, heroin, cocaine were seized.


Two Nigerians were arrested in narcotic cases and are presently lodged at the Colvale central jail.


On immoral trafficking, special efforts have been made to curb prostitution. Till now, Calangute Police have booked six cases after conducting raids at various places in Calangute and Baga in 2017.


PI Dalvi said nine accused in prostitution cases have been arrested. They also rescued a girl.


Eight victims (girls) who hailed from different parts of the country were rescued.


Calangute Police have also arrested one Kuldeep Tomar, native of Delhi, who was involved in the flesh trade and was absconding since 2013.

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