Herald: Funds just not utilized

Funds just not utilized

02 Dec 2018 06:35am IST
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02 Dec 2018 06:35am IST

While panchayats generally keep complaining about having no funds to undertake developmental works in the villages, the audit reports of panchayats of Salcete for the year 2016-17 indicated that panchayats have not utilized nearly Rs. 7.80 crores of funds due to which probably 10 panchayats did not undertake any works that year.

The 30 panchayats in Salcete have not utilized Rs. 7,79,75,940 that was allotted to them as grants. Colva panchayat has not utilized a huge amount of Rs. 54.29 lakhs grants followed by Cana Benaulim which has not utilized Rs. 47.05 lakhs including the Rs. 10 lakhs it received as Golden Jubilee grant and Nuvem has not utilized Rs. 46.73 lakhs.

The panchayats that have not utilized the least amount are Rachol where Rs. 7.19 lakhs is lying unused followed by Macasana where Rs. 9.53 lakhs is not utilized. Incidentally Carmona panchayat has not utilized Rs. 3.77 lakhs it had received under the 13th Finance Commission.

The auditors found the financial position to be “very good” of only the Colva panchayat while the financial condition of Sarzora was “very poor” and Macasana having a deficit of Rs. 9.58 lakhs was found to be “very critical”.

The financial condition of Paroda, Nuvem, Carmona, Varca and Cana Benaulim was found to be “good” and that of Sao Jose de Areal and Curtorim was “quite good”. But all have been advised to invest more in fixed deposit to earn more revenue for the panchayat. The condition of Dramapur Sirlim, Velim, Raia, Aquem Baixo, Loutolim and Betalbatim was found to be “sound” and that of Navelim and Cavelossim “quite sound” but the condition of Rachol was noted to be “not sound”.

While Assolna is in a “satisfactory” financial position, the situation at Telaulim and Davorlim Dicarpale is “quite satisfactory” but Ambelim, Guirdolim and Chandor have a “not satisfactory” financial position. The auditors were silent about the financial position of Chinchinim Deussua, Rumdamol Davorlim and Seraulim.

The budget estimates prepared by all the 30 panchayats were found to be unrealistic and fictitious as there are huge variations in the estimates and actual. While the words “unrealistic and fictitious” were used for 28 panchayats in the case of Chandor Cavorim and Davorlim Dicarpale they were not used though it was mentioned that there are huge variations.

With such financial condition, it is not surprising that no developmental works were undertaken in 10 panchayats namely Guirdolim, Rumdamol Davorlim, Betalbatim, Orlim, Varca, Ambelim, Chinchinim Deussua, Sarzora, Sao Jose de Areal and Macasana while the auditors were silent about works in Nuvem and Carmona.

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