Herald: Asha Bhavan: Infusing hope for the neglected
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Asha Bhavan: Infusing hope for the neglected

08 Oct 2017 05:22am IST

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08 Oct 2017 05:22am IST

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Asha Bhavan - Home for the Senior Disabled Women and Women in Distress – that was opened by the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross in Thivim in 2016, is an unit of Karnataka Holy Cross Sister's Society, a charitable organisation that has the sole motive of serving physically-challenged women and those in distress. ASMITA POLJI discovers more about the organisation that wants people to spread the word about their facility and invite all those seeking solace

Life is a multi-hued spectacle, where all does not necessarily go as per perceptions and desires of a normal in life. While there are those that aspire to scale the pinnacles of success, there are also those that that are not so lucky in this unequal race of life.

Unfortunately, due to various physical inabilities and conditions, many find themselves incapable to even fend for themselves and look with hope for someone to lend that helping hand and reflect the much-desired love and affection.

However, there is a ray of hope for those who have lost hope and perhaps, interest and yet want to live the last days in happily. 

One such name that comes to mind instantaneously is Asha Bhavana - Home for the Senior Disabled Women and Women in Distress – that was opened by the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross in Thivim in 2016, which is a unit of Karnataka Holy Cross Sister's Society a charitable trust. 

The organisation, which has such homes in Kerala, Mumbai, Mangalore and Mumbai, has opened its first branch in Goa.

Set in a quaint surrounding, the Home, situated in a remote part of Thivim village, is surrounded by forest, small houses and even has a river close by, provides services to senior citizen with various problems.

People with physical disability, those suffering from various mental disorders and women in distress live here with respect and dignity in a secure, compassionate, congenial environment and surrounding.

The organisation is a concept and a long-pending dream of Sister Lincy Cherian, a social worker, who saw many such people cast aside with various difficulties, while she was working for differently-abled children in a Tamil Nadu village. 

While working in such environment she felt the urgent need for such a home, which would take care of people who were physically disabled, as there are many organisations that were doing the service of taking in people who were just left out and were physically fit.

In 2016, when Sister Lincy was promoted and became in-charge of south province she got the opportunity to realise her dream and make the project a project a reality.

Asha Bhavan in Thivim was thus set up to take care of handicap senior disabled women and women in distress, who belonged to the age group of 18 to 45. 

The home provides compassionate care and gives hope to others who are 45 years and above, physically disabled, mentally retarded, paralysed, bed-ridden women, including those with Parkinsonism.

The organisation also offer intermediate short term care to women patients suffering from recent stroke or paralyses or those who are being discharged from hospital in order to enable the family and care givers sufficient time to make satisfactory arrangements at home and simultaneously undergo training in the care of the disabled or bedridden woman at home. 

Asha Bhawan also provides medical facilities, doctors’ visit thrice-a-week, sick rooms with all required facilities,  ramp, lift, steps, place of worship, physiotherapy and more. The organisation has accommodation of single room, twin sharing and dormitory styled rooms, where the ground and first of this house accommodates disabled women, while the second floor is reserved for women in distress.

Presently the home has three old-aged patients and two women in distress patients. There is team of three sisters, including a nurse sister who takes care of these patients, providing all services round the clock.

The home accommodates a woman in distress for minimum three months, during which they teach the women to make handicrafts, tailoring etc, to make them independent. They are also provided counselling and show the path to get on with their lives.

Talking on various difficulties and hurdles coming their way in running this home smoothly, the Home in-charge disclosed that the only difficulty they face was lack of knowledge or information about the facilitates offered here.

People do not know that there is such house for special people, she said. And since there is no direct reach, not many people are aware of their existence and facilities offered and do not approach them directly.

With a motto “The need of the time is the will of God" this Home aspires to provide all help and facility to all those that come knocking at their doors, be it day or night.
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