14 Feb 2021  |   05:36am IST

Goa gearing up for civic polls next month

Elections to the Civic bodies of Goa, including the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) will most likely be held next month, although the government is yet to fix a date. HERALD starts the build-up to the polls with details of few of the 13 municipalities and CCP
Goa gearing up for civic polls next month

Name of the Council: 

The Corporation of the City of Panaji

Number of wards: 30 

Number of voters: 31,320

Name of Winning Panel last time: Atanasio Monserrate backed panel

Issues this election:

* Infrastructure including good quality roads, streetlights and dedicated parking spaces

* Garbage dumping and treatment facility- No dedicated dumping ground and inadequate treatment facility 

n Water logging

Quote room

I will be voting for the very first time this election. The city corporation needs to focus on providing good quality roads. You travel any part of the corporation, the road conditions are worst. Everyone is fed up. Priority needs to be given to roads, as we pay so much road tax, parking fees, etc

—Poonam Mahale, student 

The issues like garbage, parking, water logging, etc, are pending for several years now. You see, every panel is making promises, which remained unfulfilled till date. It is important that the winning panel focuses on fulfilling the promises and ensuring a clean and green Panjim city

-Anupama Shirodkar, teacher 

Parking is a major issue in the city. A dedicated parking space needs to be identified for all kinds of vehicles. A proper mobility plan has to be in place

-Nagesh Kamat, shop owner


Cuncolim Municipal Council

Number of wards: !4 (two additional)

Population of town: 38,000

Number of voters: 14,412 (including 765 new).

Name of winning panel last time:


Former MLA Joaquim Alemao's Panel won in 8 of the 12 wards

Major issues:

*Public toilet facilities, maintenance of public property, open defecation issue,

 Beautification of Market area, Transparency in administration, implementation of Citizens Charter, collection of outstanding dues and ward development. Burning issue is pollution at IDC.



CMC Councillors must be selfless and non-corrupt. They need to be transparent in administration. The Council must work for the betterment of the town. I expect my council to make me proud about my historical town. Make Cuncolim a shining example.

-Vrushabh Dessai - new voter


What we had seen in the last term was shame on us. It was a game of musical chairs for the chairperson’s seat. Corruption was at the peak. Councillors failed to perform. I expect new council to be vibrant and corrupt free. I expect them to be helpful, cleanliness oriented.

-Sarvesh Kunde Cuncolim


We need clean city. We need a council which functions as per the Citizen’s charter. Women councillors must take active participation in the Council meetings. Cuncolim needs an urban health centre. The Council must built separate washrooms for women in the main areas and keep the city clean. Most important is to resolve IDC pollution issue.

-Sandya Naik, Cuncolim.






Bicholim Municipal council


Number of wards - 12 (now 14) 


Population – 11,730


Name of winning panel last time: BJP




*Pending projects of the government and BMC including market complex, bus stand, fire station, bandhara at Gaonkarwada. 


* Delimitation of wards


*Beautification of road and effect on houses and shops along the road. 


* Pending hot mixing of some roads. 


* Non allocation of shops in new market complex


* Garbage issue. 






BMC should be corruption free. There should be proper gutters, especially on the highways. People should get ease of service in BMC and there should be accountability. All services should be time bound

-Bholanath Gad



There is major issue of house tax. It is increasing day by day. There is House tax, garbage collection tax and a separate garbage collection tax for those who have kept people on rent. The new committee should do away with so many taxes. In spite of all this there is no fine for those who throw garbage on the roadside

-Amrut Singh







Last winning panel: Except two, all other elected councillors were supported by local MLA Nilesh Cabral



* Parking space problem

*Need of proper fish market

*Stray cattle menace and dogs on roads

* Demand for Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)




The new CCMC council should expertly tackle stray animal menace. Firstly the cows and buffaloes squat along the roads causing inconvenience to the traffic movement including pedestrians and secondly armies of stray dogs barking and howling especially at night disturbing the peace. There were a lot of talks by the previous councils about creating stray animal ponds to get rid of this menace completely but nothing has been materialized.

The CCMC had levied sanitary garbage tax including house tax on all shops and residences including which are not occupied or functioning for the last two years, which became a huge amount and burdened the house tax payers. Such decisions should be implemented after taking all the stakeholders into confidence and closed shops and residences should not be levied sanitary tax.

--Mathew D'Costa, Morailem, Curchorem.



Once elected all the councillors should know about their job and what they can provide and do in the interest of the general public including Municipal Act and their powers. Every councillor can and should provide all the basic facilities like sewage, drinking water, electricity in every house in their wards. Councillors must take corner meetings every month in their wards to know and understand the grievances of the people and must try to provide maximum facilities to senior citizens at their doorsteps

-Mangaldas Bhat, Curchorem.



The new elected council should provide  good governance. They should work out the priorities of pending projects like old market building at Curchorem, New municipality building, etc. Even when the local MLA and minister for Power has brought Rs 2cr in the kitty of municipality for development nothing has been changed in the town

-William Fernandes, Bebquegal, Curchorem.


To amicably respond to the public grievances. Mostly those involving sanitation, stray cattle menace on roads, erratic street flights, cleaning of drains and parking woes.


-Dr  Shane Fernandes, Curchorem





Pernem Municipal Council


The last municipal election was won by the BJP backed panel

Voters: 5,021 residents

One of the major


*Pending development projects such as the administrative complex, new market project, New Municipality complex, new *Building for Pernem fire station

*Border dispute between the Pernem municipality and Tuem village.

*Garbage menace. A treatment plant set up at Pernem Plateau town is not yet operational and has turned into white elephant.

*Pernem bus stand. After waiting for almost 25 years, Pernem town got new bus stand. After four years, this building is partially opened for the public. The commercial area of the bus stand is still not operational.



Municipality collects house to house collection and around 2 tonnes of garbage is generated everyday while 5 tonnes on weekly market day. The garbage treatment plant which is set up at Pernem Plateau had given some hopes to the citizens of Pernem however it’s been almost a decade now that this plant installed to treat garbage of Pernem town is UN operational and has turned into white elephant.

T Shiroddkar, Pernem


Mapusa Municipal Council

Wards: 20

The last municipal election was won by the BJP backed panel

Voters: 39,989 residents

Major issues

Water, roads especially internal narrow roads, 


Pending Development projects

* Mapusa Bus stand for which recently CM has laid foundation stone and is likely to complete within six months.

*Garbage, very bad at Karaswada Junction, Khorlim Junction, Bus stand


The candidate should be helpful at Ward level as well as at administrative works. The past Council has only given assurances but failed to work for the people at ground level. During the Covid crises especially, the Council have least bothered to reach out to the people. The new council should work more productively

-Saurav Shirodkar, a youth said.


We haven't seen any development happening in Mapusa for past so many years. No initiatives are taken for the youth. There is no discipline at Mapusa Bus stand. There are no street lights installed on the Housing Siolim road. There is need for street lights due to which many accidents have occurred. The past Council has only taken up incomplete works which they have not bothered to look into. The next Council must look into these

-Rehan Sayyad.


No single councilor has raised single word on the corrupt practices nor on illegalities even after bringing this issues to the notice of council by our civil society. I expect much of new faces those who will be capable enough to handle out to and solve problems in their own wards and who can seriously participate in council meeting in thorough interest for the betterment of Mapusa city that too by well planned manner

-Sudesh Tivrekar, a resident.



Margao Municipal Council



: 25

Voters: 62000. (Includes entire Margao and Fatorda and two wards of Curtorim falling under MMC)


Last won: Model Margao and Fatorda Forward who had a pre-poll alliance won the MMC Election. 



Sonsoddo and Garbage Management

Margao town traffic and parking issues

Migrant influx

Incomplete sewerage system

Bad markets infrastructure. 



The Margao Municipal Council has absolutely ignored their responsibilities towards the problems of parking and traffic in Margao town. Along with a permanent solution to Garbage issues of the MMC we are expecting the new council to resolve the traffic and parking problems

-Jose Marie Miranda


We need a solution to the Sonsoddo and the Garbage problems soon. The problem will be bigger soon if not solved now. 


 Akbar Shaikh



Wards: 12 wards (Earlier 12)

Voters: 12,434 (6,294 males; 6,140 females)

Last winning panel. BJP panel was ruling

Issues: Garbage, new fish market, uninterrupted power and water are some of the issues



Ideally I wish a proactive council which will together solve other issues, will strive hard to see that the garbage is collected and disposed efficiently and effectively

-Anil Bhagat, senior citizen


I expect better road, better health care services from the new council

-Natividade D'Sa


Mormugao Municipal council



Wards: 25 wards. Three constituencies like Mormugao, Vasco and a part of Dabolim constituency come in the municipal area.

Last time the winning municipal panel was backed by the Vasco BJP MLA Carlos Almeida and for almost four years the same panel was in power in the municipality. From five years, for some months there was a panel backed by Urban Development Minister Milind Naik which was in power

Voters: Over one lakh






People should elect wisely this time and new persons should be given chance so that he or she can do something for the people. I also expect the new council to put in place the garbage issue. New council is also expected to bring some innovative ideas in tax collection, legalising of houses, seriously conducting long pending recoveries for smooth functioning of the municipality

-Jayesh Shetgaonkar, resident of Headland Sada


People  expect from the new council to bring some mega development project in one place which will house several other infrastructure which will help public. There is no point in having several projects on many places. The new council should make municipal area garbage free and should strictly implement door to door garbage collection. The roads which are seen muddy due to the dust should be kept clean. We expect the new council to have new people and not the former councillors who will try to get their wives and relatives elected. We need new faces to come to power and work sincerely for the betterment of the Port town

-Chandrashekhar Vasta