18 Oct 2020  |   05:17am IST

Govt should instead look to stop the water crisis we face every summer: Bethora locals

The latest ‘hype’ as the locals see it, about the State government announcement that it is the first State to have 100 per cent water connections, makes little difference to the people of Bethora village in Ponda who face a water crisis every summer. 

Further, the locals say they have tap connections but do not get water supply in time and hence, have to rely on water tankers. They add that the uneven timing of water supply ruins their work schedule. 

It is to be noted that Ponda taluka has the OPA 160 MLD water treatment Plant, which is supplied to Tiswadi and Ponda taluka.  

In Ponda, locals say they get water supply through the tap connections but only for a short period of time and that too either early morning or late at night, which becomes difficult for them to manage. It’s even worse in the summer. 

The locals of Bethora, Borim, Usgao, Bondbag are often seen complaining to PWD water supply division at Daag Ponda about water shortage and uneven timing of water supply. “Sometimes it comes at 2 am or 4 am, due to which, we have to spend sleepless night,” a local added. 

To this, the govt officials give them various reasons including power failure at the plant or breakdown in pipeline. 

What’s more, Vikas Prabhu, a panch member of Bethora panchayat said that the locals at Tollem, Ashewada and Kasarwada are facing water shortage problem in the rainy season as well. He added that people have also staged a morcha and agitated over the issue but there is no solution to their woes. “The government officials concerned must see that the infrastructure created is put to good use and that water reaches every house. As a temporary measure, water can be stored in wells etc and then pumped to the affected people’s houses,” Prabhu added. 


Iddhar Udhar