Herald: I have no ill-feelings with the BJP per se, but the people occupying prime chairs who betrayed and backstabbed me: Parsekar

I have no ill-feelings with the BJP per se, but the people occupying prime chairs who betrayed and backstabbed me: Parsekar

27 Jan 2019 06:38am IST

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27 Jan 2019 06:38am IST

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One of the seniormost leaders of the BJP in the state, Laxmikant Parsekar, the former chief minister of Goa, is at the crossroads of his political career. Faced with the inevitable denial of the ticket for forthcoming Mandrem bypolls, Parsekar has decided to go independent. The former Chief Minister speaks his heart out to SURAJ NANDREKAR on the party’s betrayal and backstabbing by colleagues

HERALD:   As Last week you made headlines declared to contest independent in case BJP refuses to give ticket for Mandrem bypolls. Can you please explain in detail the reason behind such move? 

Laxmikant Parsekar: During my tenure as a chief minister I had lost connect with my people though I have taken enormous developmental works. People felt that our MLA is no more with us and those misunderstandings led to my loss. Now that the election is ahead it is but natural that I will contest.  I have been contesting on BJP ticket right from 1989 and have gradually reached the helm of affairs. Now, the person who has won against me by playing some tricks is being inducted into the party without taking me into confidence or without even taking the local party unit into confidence, it is insulting and humiliating. It is not just that this is like blocking my political career permanently.


HERALD:Have you made your intentions clear to the BJP?

Parsekar:Why should I speak they don’t know? I have been contesting here from 1989. My reaction has been that if I don’t get the party ticket, I may think of going independent. The new party organisational general secretary came to meet me. I have told him and I feel he is aware of all developments. A personality of an individual is defined better, when he passes through challenges and this is a challenging time for me.

 HERALD: What was your line of dialogue with Mr Satish Dhond?

Parsekar: We are both senior party leaders and what transpired in our meeting cannot be disclosed but the overall tone of discussion was either myself or the party cadre must get the ticket and that party should not encourage such seasonal birds in the party as it has a good image.  Borrowing such people who have no ideology and planting them on party ticket is not proper. It also destroys the ideology of the party.


HERALD: You said the BJP insulted and humiliated you. Does that mean you will resign from all party positions?

Parsekar:I have no ill feelings about party I have ill feelings about some people who are occupying prime positions in the party and, who have betrayed me. They managed the show by keeping me in the dark. I am occupying no position except for the core-committee which I would say is not a registered position.


HERALD:Despite your announcement, Sopte is hopeful you will support him. Your view?

Parsekar: Hahaha.. he also says that knowing my integrity to BJP, he is confident that I will support him. He is certifying my integrity with BJP. A person who has been hopping parties is certifying my integrity isn’t this a joke?.


HERALD: In case BJP does not give you ticket, are you looking at MGP, GSM or Congress?

Parsekar: I have offers from all sides. Parties have given offers through most reliable and top-most persons in their respective parties. I have kept my options open but crossing the party would be against my character and that is why I am thinking of contesting independent and even the cadre would be supporting me they are also of the same opinion. Whatever decision will be taken jointly. My week point well which is well known well perceived by my party colleagues who are occupying the prime chairs. Let the elections be declared and party decide the candidate then we are free to take the next step.


HERALD: When you say colleagues betrayed you, do you mean Mr Parrikar or Mr Vinay Tendulkar?

Parsekar:I would not like to comment. On Mr Parrikar, he is sick and he has number of problems so I would not like to comment but the whole world knows what has happened and why it happened.


HERALD:Do you think your statement to Lokayukta on mining backfired?

Parsekar:I did not name Mr Parrikar before Lokayukta but the policies were framed during his time wherein I was his cabinet colleague and I have moved according to that policy.


HERALD: Did your image as a good leader take a beating due to reports that Parrikar remote-controlled Goa govt from Delhi when you were chief minister?

Parsekar: I do not remember taking even a single file to Parrikar for approval though there were allegations. But I feel it was duty of Mr Parrikar to clarify rather than me going to people and trying to convince them.


HERALD: If you were Chief Minister now, would you encourage defection?

Parsekar:I would never encourage, I would prefer to sit in Opposition rather than doing such things. In Opposition you can be with people and voice out grievances of the people.  


HERALD: What is your opinion on current Indiscipline in the BJP and the alliance partners arm-twisting the leading coalition partner?

Parsekar: Everybody knows it is an open secret how the party is being handled by people at the hem. How decisions are taken how colleagues are betrayed therefore I would not like to comment any further. On alliance partners arm-twisting, the party has to introspect why situation has come.


HERALD: There is a raging debate in Goa who should be the next CM of Goa. Your opinion? 

Parsekar: Any person who will not compromise on the interest of the State. I would love to see person from BJP though. 

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