Herald: Joe Antao shares further details about the epic golf safari his wife Carol and he have embarked on

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Joe Antao shares further details about the epic golf safari his wife Carol and he have embarked on

10 Mar 2019 05:04am IST
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10 Mar 2019 05:04am IST

HERALD:   What did you do in the Royal Australia Navy before you retired in 1984? 

Joe Antao: Job - Combat Systems Maintainer. Trips HiLite – Mombasa Kenya 1982 on the HMAS Hobart, Guided Missile Destroyer.

HERALD:   Carol and you will be sharing the driving?

JA:  We share the driving on all our road trips. 

HERALD:   What kind of accommodation will you be staying in along the way? 

JA:  Mostly motels, hotels and just one Airbnb.

HERALD:   Why are you and Carol doing this?

JA: We love Adventure Holidays, this our third trip across Australia. Previous trips also driving in the Northern Territory, including two trips on the Ghan train: Darwin to Adelaide & Alice Springs to Adelaide.

HERALD:   What are you most looking forward to?    

JA: Tasmania.

HERALD:   You have done some similar trips before, where did you go? 

JA:  Port Kennedy to Exmouth and Coral Bay WA, two trips. 2017 and 2018. In 1993 did Sydney – Rockhampton – Longreach – (Saw where they shot ‘Crocodile Dundee’ at Mckinlay QLD) Mt Isa – 3 Way Junction – Alice Springs – Ghan Rail – Port Augusta -Perth.

HERALD:  Have you driven across the Nullarbor before? If Yes, what was that experience like?

JA:  Done the Nullarbor twice before. The first trip was when I was serving in the Navy. Driving a Toyota Corona 2000,  with two kids in the back. Not many stop off places those days in the ’80s. Drove west via Kalgoorlie. It is very remote with long, long stretches ofthe lonely road, with only huge road trains for company. It is the longest straight road in Australia.

HERALD:   So what exactly will happen? 

JA:  Apart from being stopped by Interstate Quarantine in each State, avoiding a kangaroo or two otherwise no problems.

HERALD:   Are other people involved?

JA: Just the two of us in planning and executing the trip. We’ll be meeting family and friends this 2019 trip though. Carol will meet a classmate of her’s in Melbourne after 50 + years. We will also in Melbourne meet a couple from Huston Texas, who was on our China 2016 Viking River Cruise. They arrive and depart Melbourne same days as us. How coincidental! First Tee Off was on Monday 25 February, just played a 9-hole round.

HERALD:   What happens after you tee off, is there a green? Or a substitute green of padded down earth, how long is the first hole. What about the other holes? Describe each hole and what is involved.

JA: There are single hole tee-off at various points along the Nullarbor but in some destinations, we will play a full game. 

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