Herald: Most of Mormugao supported BJP

Most of Mormugao supported BJP

26 May 2019 06:16am IST
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26 May 2019 06:16am IST


ormugao taluka constituencies stood with BJP except for Cortalim constituency, which gave a lead to Congress candidate by 84 votes. Dabolim MLA Mauvin Godinho says BJP has been accepted by large by people of Goa.  Congress’s leader from Vasco Sankalp Amonkar however added that that people of South Goa supported Congress candidate despite BJP being in power in the State. 

Congress has received good response from Cortalim constituency for Lok Sabha election. On the other hand, since the past 13 to 15 years, BJP gets an overwhelming response from Mormugao taluka. 

Last time BJP got 10,175 vote lead in Mormugao taluka and this time it came down to 10,157 votes. If one compares BJP leads from all four constituencies of Mormugao taluka, Mormugao constituency in the 2014 elections got a lead of 3649 votes and this time it was a lead of 3438 votes. Vasco constituency in 2014 got a lead of 2605 votes and this time it was a lead of 3024 votes.  Similarly in Dabolim, in the 2014 elections BJP secured a lead of 3295 votes compared to the lead of 3779 votes in the 2019 elections. Cortalim constituency which was suppose to give a lead to BJP given that its seat is represented by Cortalim BJP MLA Alina Saldanha, gave a lead to Congress by 84 votes.

Political pundits have observed that for many years, Mormugao taluka has been a strong fort of BJP but surprisingly in this general elections, the party’s lead margin was reduced compared to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.  Despite the strong wave in favour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the strong campaigning by BJP, the party failed to generate a bigger lead margin from these constituencies of Mormugao. 

Godinho, who was the campaign chief of South Goa for BJP acknowledged that that there was a setback to BJP in the district. He pointed out that they had not got the number of votes on expected lines in the mining belt and also lost the lead in Cortalim constituency.  He further pointed out that there were a number of constituencies that gave BJP a healthy lead including his own constituency of Dabolim. 

He further said that BJP has been accepted by majority of the Goan people and that’s why 3 seats out of four assembly segments from Mormugao were won by BJP. “The overall results has 

brought immense stability to government and has given the approval to the leadership of CM Pramod Sawant given that some sections were worried after the demise of our former CM (late) Manohar Parrikar.

Amonkar on the other hand said that he is happy that BJP Mormugao MLA Milind Naik could not deliver on his assurance that BJP would get a lead of over 5000 votes from his constituency and pointed out that BJP did not even a cross a lead of 3,500 votes from this constituency. Amonkar further said that recently Milind Naik had razed some residential structures from Baina area and around 200 people's names who were Congress supporters were deleted from the voters list, but this entire exercise failed as the lead which BJP got this time was less as compared to the 2014 general elections. 

Amonkar said that it is really surprising that when there is a BJP govt at centre and at the State, that the minster could not keep to his promise. “People of Vasco, Cortalim constituency stood with our Congress candidate and extended its support to our party,” added Amonkar. 
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