03 Mar 2019 06:44am IST
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03 Mar 2019 06:44am IST

The death of 40 CRPF jawans in the Pulwama terrorist attack evoked a range of emotions and reactions in the state with some advocating war and other emphasizing the importance of dialogue between neighbours. The Herald presents a few of the several responses from people across the state

Pakistan is a habitual in terror activities and so it will not stop its terror attack on India. They are killing our soldiers, so it’s not fair to play with them. In order to build pressure India should stop playing World cup Cricket, Hockey and all types of sports tournament, this will affect its source of income. India should also make effort so that the whole world isolate and ban Pakistan from playing world cups. Since they are killing our soldiers, we should stop playing with them in protest that will force them to think every time about their evil act of terrorism. Every effort should be made so that Pakistan will not benefit from sports activities due to non-participation of India.

—Mahesh Naik, Ponda

The present Indo-Pak imbroglio needs to be sorted out through diplomatic means and non politicised dialogue between the two countries. Political leaders should cast aside their personal motives and refrain from using the situation to gain political mileage. The safety of our Nation and our forces is paramount.

—Capt. Eddie Viegas, Loliem, Canacona.

We as a nation are facing tough time right now after the Pulwama attack, but India won’t keep quiet now, it’s high time to act against terrorism which our air force has shown after destroying the terrorist camps. Other side all Indians should be united and keep peace and harmony among us to fight against the terrorism. Let’s also pray for our soldiers who are fighting the battle on the borders.

—Viresh Borkar, Neura,Tiswadi

The fight against terrorism should not be only a fight by India but whole world should unite against it. The terrorist horns in Pakistan spreads not only in India but also many other countries of world are affected by it and so the world’s leading nations should ask Pakistan to stop their terrorist activities and if not stopped then India with support of the leading nations should destroy terrorist and their training camps in Pakistan so that peace is prevailed. There should be steps to convince China not to support Pakistan which is threat to humanity and World.

—Vishal Fadte, Ponda

Almost all the Indians feel that Pakistan should be taught a lesson once and for all. They very well know that they cannot win the war and that is the only reason they resort to terrorism. There is also a need to isolate Pakistan at the international level, both diplomatically and financially, so that the funding of terrorism would be stopped. Our Prime Minister is doing a commendable job and we should be proud of our arm forces.

—Siddhesh Naik, Bicholim

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statements were quite frightening as it looked like war was imminent and war is bad as all sections of society and all sectors of life suffer. However, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement that only dialogue can defuse the situation is very encouraging because sitting across the table to thrash the problem is the only way out.

—Caesar D’Silva, Engineering student, Margao

The problem of Kashmir is internal as well as external. This issue arose because of some faulty decisions taken by some of our former politicians. It is time that we rectify these decisions or else Kashmir will always be under fire. The central government has given a befitting reply to Pakistan after Pulwama attack. Entire nation will be with the centre if it goes to war with Pakistan.

—Govind Phadke, Bicholim

War is not a solution as both are nuclear capable countries. The best way to go forward is to have a dialogue. But that doesn't mean we have to trust Pakistan as they cannot be trusted at all. But unfortunately, in this current situation especially with regards to Wing Commander Abhinandan, lots of politics have taken place which is shameful. In my opinion the way to go forward is to sit across table and have a dialogue. And find a solution which will be agreed by both the parties.

—Mubarak Rangapur, Entrepreneur – Travel & Tourism

Border tension has been an ever-pending issue. It should be resolved at the earliest but in the best possible way. Terrorism must be eradicated. At the same time government should provide quality education and employment to the distracted youth so that they become the strength of the nation and not a nuisance.

—Deeplaxmi Moghe, Bicholim

The nation stands with the armed forces in this time of crisis staring at the country. But the alleged frenzy and war hysteria, if at all, being created by the government to reap benefits for the Lok sabha elections is fraught with danger of greater damage to the nation. People sitting in the comforts of their house should avoid giving a war cry, because the situation out there is different. No one should play politics over the blood of our soldiers. A look in the past history will prove that the people are wise and will never forgive opportunists.

—Captain Viriato Fernandes, Chicalim, fought the Kargil War in 1999

We are not against Pakistan, but we are against terrorism based in Pakistan. Whatever happened is good to eliminate terrorism. Pakistan should wisely act to overcome terrorism from their soil, even by taking necessary help from the neighbouring countries, this will be a boon, not only to Pakistan but to the whole world.

—Cazetan Vaz, Bicholim

Article 370  A Should be removed. This is the right time when all civilians are united for national sentiments/ PoK should be turned into IoK. Now and then surgical strikes from air and ground should be continued.

—Bholanath Gad, Bicholim

"Eliminating terror and the one protecting them should be the ultimate aim of Government of India. Terrorism is not just curse for India but for the entire world. It's high time that entire world stand United to fight terrorism and Pakistan. And we as Indian need to stand by with our Defence forces" 

—Shraddha Kamat, Panjim

Strike on terrorist camps without any civilian’s casualty was the right response to JEM. This is how Israel respond to their terrorist attacks, India has used their AWACS plane for our strike at the camps which will cause fear in the JEM camp. Our intelligence should be alert and vigil from now on as further attacks by JEM are possible. We should decimate the camps in POK for better security. Modi should not use this as an opportunity to gain votes for the 2019 general election.

—Andrew D’souza, former CSR Manager Syngenta India Ltd

Root cause is Kashmir, India should withdraw special status to Kashmir by removing 370.

India should remove Article 370 that is giving special status to Kashmir. It is the root cause that Pakistan fight with India because Pakistan want Kashmir.   So, there is need that India Government should remover this 370 of Constitution which does not allow to settle rest of Indians in Kashmir. Once India removes Article 370 and allow to settle rest of Indian population Kashmir would be state of majority of all Indians and there after Pakistan would never dare to create tension and terrorist attack on border state Kashmir.

—Premanand Naik, Ponda

Honestly, I do not know anything about that. I am so busy working the whole day and then attending to the house work that I have no time to listen to news and think about it.

—Lucy D’Silva, Fish vendor, Margao

I feel political interest and interference in this issue will never solve this problem. Religion cannot be the problem. But people using the religion for political benefit is the problem. We need a detailed research of Indo-Pak history of past years and come up with a final verdict. Celebrating patriotism in the name of India-Pakistan rivalry by waving flags and giving slogans won't help you to come to the solution. It will only keep the issue burning for decades to come.

—Gorak Sirsat, Asst. Professor - Vasco





Since my childhood I grown up with hearing the news of our soldiers being killed by terrorist coming from Pakistan land. India lost so many soldiers and now as India has began surgical strike to take revenge, time has come now to continue this fight to take decisive action and to eliminate terrorist from Pakistan land with help of rest of World countries. Pakistan every time after attack by terrorist say it is not involved in terror attack on Indian soldiers. If it is not involved then why is it allowing shelters and terrorist camp in their land. Whole world now know that Pakistan land is used for training terrorist and its suicide bomb squads against India solider.

—Shankar Naik, Businessman, Ponda Market vendors leader

From post independence Pakistan is trying to trouble India in different ways. Inspite of facing defeat in the past they are supporting terrorist activities against our peaceful nation and it is high time for us to see that this is the last time they dared to do so. Today all Indians irrespective of religion are standing in support of our armed forces and we want our armed forces to settle the issue once for all.

—Samrat Bhagat, Canacona

The jawans are fighting against the enemies across the border, and if we want to give them tribute, we have to start fighting fearlessly against the enemies inside the border who are finishing our country.

—Manoj Parab, Pirna, Bardez

We are living in the 21st century and the might of a country is not shown or seen through violence and wars. Similarly, with respect to the recent happenings at our northern borders was really disturbing because it resulted in great loss of lives and manpower. Blood for blood is not the solution. We have to have make concrete solutions to such kind of situations.

—Alice Mathias, teacher at St Thomas HSS, Aldona

Ideally there should be no tension at all and we should be friendly with each other. However, India had to retaliate to show that we are not weak and that we can defend ourselves.

—Harshad Naik, Retired Banker, Margao

The Pulwama Attacks is highly condemnable. Terrorism should not be given any space and not taking any action against the perpetrators by Pakistan shows their lack of commitment to fight against it. But what is more upsetting is the stereotyping of kashmiris as troublemakers and an attempt to alienate them. The discrimination faced by the Kashmiri students across India is equally condemnable.

—As'ad Shah, Training Specialist – Goa University

"We the people should stand by the government in its every decision to eliminate terrorism. And as everyone know, Pakistan is the terror hub. There cannot be any dialogue with Pakistan. India need to retaliate everytime". 

—Trupti Parab, Marcel 

War is not the solution for tensions between two nuclear powered countries. However, the fact remains that no country should promote terrorism of any sorts and a strong talk should be held to decide on grounds of how both countries could Unitedly resolve the issue of terrorism. Voice of peace and sanity have no border. India and Pakistan must prosper in peace and not perish in war. Say it loud, say it clear, ‘Say no to war , say no to terrorism’.

—Rizwan Khan, Youth activist, Vasco

Border tensions existed since long and India faces a threat from Pakistan as well as China. But the Indian Army is efficient to handle the issue. Even we have able leadership at the centre that can tackle any aggression from the neighbouring countries. India should act firmly with the separatist and do away with the special status given to Kashmir so that they can be brought into the Indian mainstream.

—Seema S Kshirsagar, Bicholim

When it comes to National Security, media should let the forces and the government take decisions. When media behaves in a manner that mocks and defeats the purpose of security, it is a matter of grave concern. Tension between India and Pakistan will be solved amicably and here is an opportunity to reconcile by not burning the bridge.  No one can ever afford a war.

—Siddharaj Mopkar, Educator – Panjim

It is well known faith that Pakistan is supporting terrorists by providing arms, finance training etc. The war between India and Pakistan is not going to solve the problem but it will worsen the condition of the entire nation. We need to eliminate the cause from the root that is terrorism. 

—Gurudas Samant , retired teacher, Honda

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