15 May 2022  |   05:17am IST

Rs 100 cr allocated for disaster mitigation

Rs 100 cr allocated for disaster mitigation

Learning lesson from cyclones like Tauktae that caused major havoc and destruction in the State, the Government has proposed over Rs 100 crore mitigation measures for early warnings to evade such situations in future. 

The Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant has spelt out various anti-flooding and real time data monitoring measures in the State Budget 2022-23. 

In order to implement flood control measures in the areas badly affected on rivers of  Mhadei, Chapora, Mapusa and Khandepar, government intends to implement a comprehensive ‘Flood Mitigation project’ for these rivers at a cost of more than Rs. 100 crores.

The government also proposed to implement ‘Web based real time data acquisition and flood forecasting systems’ and ‘spatial decision support system’, by introducing a grid of real time data acquisition systems, early warning systems to measure river discharge, rainfall, temperature, wind pattern etc. 

 “This will assist the government in predicting impending disasters such floods, cloudburst, cyclones etc. well in advance,” Sawant had said. 

Further, under World Bank aid, to warn and alert about impending disasters such as cyclone, Tsunami, etc., 38 Early Warning Dissemination Towers have been envisaged along the coast line, of which 23 towers have been installed and commissioned. The entire project will be completed by December, this year. 


Idhar Udhar