02 Jun 2024  |   04:49am IST

Seraulim villagers unite against proposed double tracking

Seraulim villagers unite against proposed double tracking

Residents of Seraulim village are strongly opposing plans for another railway track through their area. They argue it will cause significant environmental destruction by cutting down trees, as well as major hardships for villagers by impacting homes and properties.

At a recent meeting, villagers sternly warned the government that they will protest and agitate if land acquisition plans for the new track in Seraulim are not promptly abandoned. Residents have received letters from authorities indicating intentions to update land records, which they suspect is linked to plans for acquiring more land for the new rail line.

Villagers claim the railways have already removed some locals’ names from land ownership records and replaced them with the railway’s name, in what appears to be underhanded property acquisition tactics. They allege illegal tree cutting has already begun in the area, damaging the environment.

The local MLA Venzy Viegas is supporting the villagers’ opposition, stating such rail projects should not pass through villages and cause hardships for residents losing their land. He vowed not to allow the new tracking in Seraulim to happen. 

Residents highlighted they already face health issues from existing rail operations transporting coal through the area, as well as lack of safe corridors for cattle crossings. The Seraulim Village Panchayat has received correspondence on the matter and stated it backs the villagers’ concerns over the hardships the new tracking would create.

With railway authorities accused of using underhand tactics, villagers are readying for an agitation campaign to block land acquisition and environmental damage from the proposed double tracking project cutting through Seraulim village. 


Iddhar Udhar