25 Feb 2024  |   05:31am IST

Sonsoddo to be waste free? to be waste free?

The Sonsoddo waste management shed, burdened by accumulating waste, is witnessing a long-awaited transformation as the Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC) initiates a comprehensive clean up and remediation effort. However, as the bio-methanation plant landed in controversies, Margao Municipal Council is in a tight çorner on whether to continue with transportation of wet waste to Cacora treatment facility or chalk out some plans to deal with the wet waste generated in the jurisdiction of Margao civic body as a permanent solution to the legacy problem. MARCOS GONSALVES and KARSTEN MIRANDA delve deep into the issue to find out whether the mountain of waste will finally go or not
Sonsoddo to be waste free? to be waste free?

In a respite to the residents of Margao, clean-up of the Sonsoddo garbage dump may finally see the light of the day. As per the information given by Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC), huge quantity of accumulated and untreated waste inside the shed will be cleared by December, followed by bioremediation. 

Presently, upon the directions of the High Court, the civic body engaged in transporting nearly 30 tonnes of wet from to Cacora. While the bailing of nearly 15 tonnes of dry waste and 5 tonnes at Nessai shed is being carried out by the Margao Municipal Council (MMC) on a daily basis, with meticulous planning and dedicated manpower, the GWMC is swiftly addressing the waste crisis, aiming to transport the accumulated waste outside the facility for proper disposal.

Anticipation fills the air as residents eagerly await the completion of this crucial operation, which promises to alleviate environmental concerns and enhance public health,” said Levinson Martins, Managing Director, GWMC. 

In the coming days, the once-overwhelmed Sonsoddo waste management shed will emerge revitalized, marking a significant milestone in Goa’s ongoing journey towards sustainable waste management, he stated.

The MMC finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with the pivotal question of how to proceed with waste management operations at Sonsoddo. With machinery installed inside the waste management shed awaiting action, the MMC must decide whether to commence treatment onsite or opt for daily transport of wet waste to the Cacora treatment plant. 

The recent “status report” presented by the GWMC in response to a PIL filed by citizens for Sonsoddo underscores the urgency of addressing key infrastructure issues. Despite progress in clearing the shed, critical repairs remain pending, including the restoration of the overhead crane and damaged screening mesh of trommels.

Amidst efforts to address the waste management challenges at Sonsoddo, attention has turned to the crucial issue of managing leachate generated at the site. The status report highlights the proposal to lay an underground sewerage line, a key step in handling the wastewater effectively.

The Sewerage & Infrastructural Development Corporation of Goa Ltd (SIDCGL) has been approached to extend the existing sewer line to the Sonsoddo site, facilitating the disposal of both sewerage and treated leachate. Recognising the urgency of this infrastructure development, the GWMC has petitioned the Court to intervene and expedite the process, emphasizing the importance of avoiding the transportation of leachate by tankers to nearby treatment plants. 

By prioritising the establishment of an efficient sewerage system, stakeholders aim to mitigate environmental risks and streamline waste management operations at Sonsoddo, heralding a significant stride towards sustainable solutions in the region.

Speaking to O Heraldo, Levinson Martins, MD, GWMC informed that they have almost completed the bioremediation of the legacy waste, remaining behind the plastic waste.

“The RDF is under process. However, our focus is now on the huge quantity of untreated waste laying inside the shed. The work with regard to clearing the shed will be completed by December 2024,” he informed.

On the other hand, Gaurish Sankhwalkar, Chief Officer, MMC said that the issue pertaining to waste management is taken seriously and the civic body is working hard to resolve the issue.

“The process of bailing dry waste at Sonsoddo is improving with every passing day and there is progress. Nearly 5 tonnes of dry waste is being treated and transported to Karnataka in cement factories from Nessai shed,” he informed.

He further claimed that waste generated on a daily basis is being collected separately; dry and wet waste. Wet waste is being directly transported to the Cacora treatment facility upon the orders of the High Court.

Reacting on the recent developments at Sonsoddo and more especially with regard to the legacy dump, Roque Mascarenhas, secretary of Citizens for Sonsoddo and petitioner said that things are improving at the Sonsoddo.

“The only concern was to clear the legacy dump and all the things put in place pertaining to daily waste management. After the high court directions, many things have witnessed improving,” he said.

He has high hopes that by December 2024, the untreated waste inside the shed will be removed.


Iddhar Udhar