Herald: The EVMs that had the last laugh!

The EVMs that had the last laugh!

02 Jun 2019 05:35am IST
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02 Jun 2019 05:35am IST
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After the last vote for the Lok Sabha Elections was cast on May 19, 2019, a high-level Opposition delegation met the Election Commission expressing concerns over alleged tampering with the EVMs with protests held in some States. The EC, however, dismissed all reports of manipulations. SAVIO PINTO delves deeper into the alleged tampering.

The world’s biggest elections are over in India and the ruling BJP has been declared as the ultimate winners by the latest technology called Electronic Voting Machines, ‘EVMs’.

The EVMs that played the magic wand for the ruling party through the hands of the dubious Election Commission of India. It was indeed the Election Commission (EC) that made the headlines and that too for the wrong reason instead of the political parties that contested the elections.

Irrespective of who could have won the peoples’ mandate, the role played by the Election Commission should be greatly admired which hoodwinked the whole opposition as well as the nation and in the process killed the voter’s spirit and trust for the institution. Today, it speaks volumes of the honesty displayed by the EC to satisfy its masters instead of protecting its own credibility. After all, India has the history of satisfying their masters, whose sole aim is to stick to the chair by hook or crook.

The people of India have had done their duty piously by voting to their favorable candidate but the ultimate winner was chosen by the EC through fraudulent means and blinded the opposition to the fullest. The way the EC has conducted these general elections, it gives enough ammunition to the opposition as well as to the people of India to suspect the hand behind its working. The EC should have been playing the best level playing field to both the ruling and the opposition but instead succumbed to its master’s voice. Hence it’s important now to unmask the EC before it’s too late. The checking Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPATS) before the counting of votes would have given a clean chit to the EC but instead it chose otherwise.

The systematic planning and handing victories to the opposition in selected State assemblies before the general elections should be thoroughly analysed to understand the arithmetic to the core! How could the States that recently voted Congress to power or rather against the BJP in these four States vote hands down against the same ruling party and that too a clean sweep of the total seats at the general elections? Even a blind can see the red into this anomaly.

The very curious and interesting fact unexplained is that the recently State assembly seats which were conquered by the Congress were decimated in unusual manner. It’s difficult to explain the methodology used but one can sense the paradigm used to undo the damage caused earlier. If this trend is gone unchecked and no remedial steps undertaken now, one can imagine the fate of the remaining non-BJP ruled States in the country in times to come.

There is a plan, a systematic plan to undo the very basics of India’s Democratic norms which has stood the testing times in the past. The virus that has now entered the political system will surely kill the spirit of all the democratic institutions in the country as has been witnessed for the past five years. The rift in the Supreme Court, the interference in the banking sector including that of the Reserve Bank, and the plummeting Indian Rupee are few examples. The farming sector which sees downward trend due to the farmers’ suicides raises a valid question. Are we moving away from the agriculture sector and entering the high-tech zones ignoring the very sector that created and improved India’s economy in the past?

Irrespective what is in store for the opposition in the country, there ought to be a constant pressure from all quarters to bring back the ballot-paper voting that will dispel everyone’s doubts and fears and thus protect the India’s Democracy failing it will be at the cross roads very soon and it will be too late to contain the monster in the making which we can see of late.

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