Herald: The Nigerian is king here

The Nigerian is king here

04 Mar 2018 06:18am IST

Report by
Basuri Desai

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04 Mar 2018 06:18am IST

Report by
Basuri Desai

The drug trade in the state is dominated by nationals from the west African nation and they sell Cocaine and have recently started peddling MDMA. Basuri Desai spoke to residents of villages where drug peddling dominates life and where fear is writ large

Nigerians being involved in the drug trade along Goa’s coast is not a secret. In the last five years, the Goa Police have arrested 152 foreign nationals with a majority being Nigerian nationals, followed by Nepali’s, Israeli’s and Russians. 

As per the statistics of last five years Goa Police have arrested 152 foreigners and 88 accused are Nigerian national that makes 58 percent of total foreigners caught in drug trade. 

In the year 2012 – 18 Nigerians were arrested, 2013 – 4, 2014 – 17, 2015 – 17, 2016 – 12 and in the year 2017 total 20 Nigerians were arrested by various Police Stations across state in drug cases. 

The picture in the Girkarwado-Arambol a tiny ward is horrible where the Nigerians are seen openly selling drugs on the beach to the foreigners and domestic tourist too. They roam on beach as like as other hawkers who sells fruits and other articles.  

The picture was taken on Wednesday at Girkarwado near beach where the Nigerian nationals were looking for clients. They were seen smoking joints who had also approached this correspondent in a friendly manner inquiring if I was looking for some joint. 

Liberitta Rodrigues, a lady who operates a small guest house has complained that the Nigerians has no fear of anything and they do what they want. 

“I feel women in the village are unsafe, they don’t look at women with good eyes. I have seen even they have molested foreign tourists, it is only after villagers ran to her rescue she was left but bruises were clearly seen on her body”, she mentioned. 

Another lady who we spoke to also mentioned similar problem with the Nigerians in the village. 

A Nepali shack operator has said that Nigerians are openly selling drugs to foreigners on the beach. 

“Now, after the murder they are seen less in the area while foreigners are coming inquiring ‘where are the black man’, this is the situation here”, he said.   

The trade is well organized where the food and other necessary articles are sent to the person seen vending on the beach. It was noticed that food parcel was delivered to the peddlers by a African lady with a scooter on the beach. 

“They only come on restaurant for a bottle of beer or else food is systematically delivered to them on time in the afternoon by the people in the gang”, a local shack operator told Herald. 

This is not only the case of the residents of the Girkarwado but in most of the villages the people are scared of Nigerian terror. The residents revealed the police were also scared of questioning or detaining them. 

A local who is a former drug trader said Nigerians are only dealing in Cocaine and MDMA. But they have seen found with organic drug with small quantity. He says it is for the free ticket to stay in Goa after coming out on bail from court. 

“They get involved in such offences so that trial will go for years, so that they can freely move in the state as well as country”, he say that this is a modus opted by them. 

Nigerians in the Goa’s drug trade on the coast have been a factor since the year 1990 with the Kenyans as carriers but eventually they started dealing. In between the year 2003 – 04 there was a war between the Nigerians and Kenyans with Kenyans being driven out completely.  

Prior to that the Kenyans were the only ones selling synthetic drugs on the Goa’s coast but now the Nigerians from 2004 are known as the cocaine kings in North Goa. 

Now, they are controlling almost 40 percent of market share of North Goa in the narcotics trade while dealing only in cocaine and MDMA of late. However in the last two years, they have been dealing in all types of narcotics on the coast.  

They also have a hierarchy in this trade which is completely under the carpet. 

Nigerians control the narcotics trade right from Kerim to Sinquerim in North Goa and mostly found in Calangute, Baga, Candolim, South Anjuna and part of Arambol. 

They give good rates for the cocaine as no middleman is involved and reason why they have captured a huge market in short time. 

Smuggling of Cocaine inside country crossing the international borders is not difficult for them. It is learned that Nigerians get in cocaine smuggling in crevices in their body. It is also learned that at 500 gram of cocaine brought in by a drug mule is sold on Goa’s coast.
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