Herald: Of Statues and Statesmen

Of Statues and Statesmen

11 Feb 2018 06:36am IST
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11 Feb 2018 06:36am IST

Eddie Viegas

The current imbroglio between the various statesmen of our state is a clear indication that our elected members have very little to do and are only interested in petty squabbling  over some issue or the other. In fact subjects such as erecting of statues, naming or renaming of places, roads or towns should never be left to the politicians. Most of them are not qualified enough to deal with such historical matters and more often than not they are only interested in getting some political mileage  at the cost of the common man.

In recent times we have noticed that  many places in Goa have been named after personalities  who had nothing to do not only with Goa but also the venues that are named after them. For example the Indoor stadium at Dona Paula is named after one Shri Shyam Prasad Mukherjee. Forget about doing anything for Goa it is doubtful  whether he was even a sportsman. The Hall at the Vasco Ravindra Bhavan is named after Sarvarkar. Does he have anything to do with any work of Art? The only commonality among these gentlemen and probably the people who promoted these names is the fact that they are a part of the then banned organization called the RSS.

And now when the name of  a Son of the soil – Dr. Jack de Sequeira who toiled hard to keep Goa for those who would like to keep this state for themselves, is being  proposed for setting up a statue at the Assembly it looks like the people in power are against such a move. The present MLA’s would do well to remember that they are enjoying the big fat salaries and the perks and the comforts   of the Assembly House because of Dr. Sequeira. The Konkani language has been recognized as a state language because of the separate identity of Goa. Goa eventually attained statehood post liberation because of Dr. Sequeira. It may be noted that the statue of Mr. Bandodkar was raised without any hue and cry although he was only the CM of the union territory and he wanted to gift away Goa to  Maharashtra. But for Dr. Sequeira, Goa would have been a small part of Maharashtra with Marathi as our main language and a handful of MLA’s sitting at Mantralaya in Mumbai.

Some of our politicians are now coming up with the idea of putting up statues of other personalities at the assembly complex. If they had so much love for these persons how is it that they have woken up only after the name of Dr. Sequeira was proposed. This only goes to show that they do not have any love for the historical figures they are talking about but rather their minds are devoid of any Gratitude for Dr. Sequeira and that they do not care about the sentiments of the Konkani speaking people.   

Kudos to Shri Michael Lobo, Shri Churchill and the others for their thoughtfulness. Without a doubt, Dr. Sequeira’s statue deserves to grace the façade of the Goa Assembly.  
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