19 Nov 2018  |   03:46am IST

Different flavours of love

Regy Colaco’s first audio album, ‘Istor Mogachi’, has a collection of 12 songs in the form of solos and a duet.The title song, ‘Istor Mogachi’ by Sylwester Fernandes, focuses on a love relationship. The singer expresses all his inner-most feelings towards his beloved. He shares his experience with her on the seashore and the good times shared together. After tying the knot, he promises his spouse that he will never desert her. ‘You have decorated my life and made it more meaningful,’ he concludes.

The next track, ‘Kaide’, by Rosario de Benaulim, speaks about the rules and regulations that prevail in entering a child into an orphanage. He relates a tale wherein a father, after the untimely death of his wife, desired to admit his teen daughter in the orphanage. But the authorities there refused to accept the child as she had her father with her. For better days to prevail for his daughter and that she may enjoy a good future, the father commits suicide. Likewise, the singer says that for entry into heaven, there are restrictions laid and unless one seeks forgiveness, there’s no salvation.

‘Jivit Molachem’, a duet by Esy and Valarie, is a tragic love story, where dreams are shattered due to opposition from parents. As the boy is employed in Goa, the girl’s parents oppose their relationship. And when the girl thinks of committing suicide, the boy consoles her and says that if it is destined, then they will unite forever. Reflecting that life is a gift from God, the girl withdraws her harsh decision.

‘Koxttanchem Jivit’, a solo by Regy Colaco, shares his hard days in life, especially when he was gripped by malaria and the moments when he had to fight between life and death. ‘If you have faith and if you pray, then your prayers will be answered,’ he assures.      

‘Lisanv’, a solo by Antonette de Maina, highlights the unfaithfulness that can occur in relationships, when the husbands leave their wives behind and proceed abroad. She says she remained faithful to her husband while in Goa, but was disheartened to note that her husband was having an affair with another woman abroad.

Two solos, ‘Sukh Sasnanchem’ by Edward and ‘Boro Fuddar’ by Joylan, speak about winning eternal life after death and guiding children on the right track for a bright future, respectively. The former says that one may make all efforts to extend life on earth by meeting the doctor and taking medication. But death is for certain for every human being, he states, and one needs to stay prepared for it. The latter speaks about WatsApp and Facebook and how children are addicted to them. For a secure future, he advises parents to remain astute when making a choice for their children.

‘Kumsar’, a solo by Francisco, highlights the importance of cleansing the soul when in sin. He speaks about cleanliness with regard to body, clothes and stresses that soul cleansing is equally important to attain eternal life.  

‘Upkar Attoitam’, another solo by Regy Colaco, is a sharing of a personal life experience. The singer mentions how many directors of the tiatr stage encouraged him to step on stage and shine in his talents. He expresses his gratefulness to all. ‘If young artistes are encouraged, then there will be a bright future for budding artistes,’ he mentions.

The album carries several solos along with one duet. Instead, if a variety was provided in the form of duo, trio, quartet or a choral, it would make for pleasant listening. The album has been recorded at Lens Music Studio, with music by Lenoy Gomendes.


Idhar Udhar