19 Nov 2018  |   03:47am IST

Life lessons through song

With the talents of Goencho Avaz award winners, besides Mangalorean and Tiatr Academy of Goa award winners, Edwin D’Costa has released his DVD ‘Paduacho St Anton’ (Vol. 95), which has a collection of 12 songs in the form of solos, duo, duets, trio and quartet.     

The title song ‘Paduacho St Anton’ by Sr Merlyn, Preema and Sabita focuses on the life of St Anthony, who performed several miracles in his life. The three singers throw light on different miracles, which include tracing lost things and raising the dead to life. The commentators, Fr Santana Carvalho and Fr Kevin Monteiro, share in-depth knowledge about the saint, which works towards strengthening of faith.

The next song, ‘Motin Dubau’ by Ancy Gonsalves, is an interesting tale of a beggar who followed her while she continued conversing on her mobile, leaving behind her bag. The beggar follows the woman in order to deliver the bag. But wrong judgement by the crowd leads to thrashing of the beggar. Do not pass false judgement, is the message conveyed at the end.

Two songs in the album – ‘Devacho Munyari’ by Aviela, Sabita, Nakash and ‘Jezu Daracher’ by Edward Estibeiro – call for introspection on priests and religious items. The former is a reflection on the sacrificial and selfless life of priests. They give up their families and treat their respective parishioners as their family members, they mention. Many great men have acquired education in schools run by priestsbut the same influential men insult and even torture them to death. If anyone shows an interest in priesthood, let’s encourage them and pray for them, they conclude. The latter speaks about images of Jesus on cars, doors and other places. An incident is related wherein a rich man had the image of Jesus carved on his entrance door and how, one day, when under the influence of alcohol, he offends the same image.

‘Azilant Ghatle’ a quartet by Edwin, Nakash, Rosario and Anthony,shares a personal experience of being put in an old-age home. The ungratefulness of children after sacrificing their lives for their well-being comes to the fore. A message is conveyed to the married sons, requesting them never to desert their ageing parents in old-age homes.

‘Suseg Na’, a duet by comedian Marcus and Reza, focuses on the hardships encountered by the husband when his spouse troubles him even on a holiday. Complaints continue whether the husband works or relaxes at home.

Two songs –‘Rozarachem Kont’ by John Pereira and ‘Gharant Saibinn’ by Melcia Lobo – focuses on Mother Mary and prayer. The former lays emphasis on the Holy Rosary and how it serves as a powerful weapon in the family. In his appearance, Fr Eusico Pereira shares about the life of Fr Dominic of the 13th century, the apparition of Mother Mary and the gift of the Rosary. The latter throws light on the visit of Mother Mary in every Christian family and the wrong practices carried out by some Catholics.

‘Tumcho Mog’ by siblings Lanisha and Delisha and ‘Doyal Munis’ by Edwin D’Costa and Anthony de Nuvem is a reflection on good deeds. In the former song, the sisters are grateful for the support of the audience as they marched on stage to showcase their talents. The latter song focuses on a benefactor abroad who served as a saviour to many in distress and difficult moments.

The visual presentation is relevant to every song and deserves appreciation as it makes for good viewing. Music by Norman and Benny Cardozo, besides mixing by Chris Correia at Magic Touch, Margao deserve a mention.      


Iddhar Udhar