Herald: We need more ‘eyes’ in the sky to curb crime
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We need more ‘eyes’ in the sky to curb crime

16 Jul 2017 05:15am IST
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16 Jul 2017 05:15am IST

Director General of Police Muktesh Chander tells herald how CCTVs all over crucial places in the state are needed to curb any untoward incident

Herald: Will the police make CCTVs mandatory near crucial religious structures? 

Chander: Yes. I have requested the authorities that more and more CCTV cameras are needed all over Goa and at all important places for surveillance and crime prevention/detection. But at the same time, it is my requests to the public, business establishments, several market/residential, etc associations; petrol pumps, banks and individual homes to install CCTVs in their premises for their own safety and in turn help the police. Now a days, the entire CCTV set including recording system comes at affordable cost of less than Rs 20,000. The existing ones can be repaired and wherever not installed, it can be set up. If there were many CCTV cameras at places where the incidents took place, we could have cracked the case much before. 

Herald: Why there is no follow up on police guidelines given to religous structures in 2013? Any Plans for its revival?

Chander: I have now asked my officers to visit all such places and get in writing the security measures, including CCTVs and lighting.
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