Herald: Will your MP listen to the voice of the people?

Will your MP listen to the voice of the people?

17 Mar 2019 05:58am IST
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17 Mar 2019 05:58am IST

In view of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, there is a common question across the Goan public. What has the MP done for Goa? Keeping the political hyperbole aside, Goans want to know if the elected MPS will walk the talk and not just make tall promises. Here’s a look at a cross section of views from Goans from all parts of the State who share what they expect from their MP

I want that the MP does not disturb the communal harmony that is prevailing in Goa. He should also fight pollution, polluting industries and the chemical additives in food. He should work to uplift the poorest of the poor



Erasmo Araujo, Businessman, Neura


In the last five years I have not even once seen my North Goa MP in Panjim. Apart from government events, he has not made any visit. So my first appeal to the MP is to be grateful to the voters and visit each constituency. Also, we want him or her to fulfill the promises that will be made in the manifesto and don

t just keep it as a paper document"



Shraddha Kamat, Panjim



He should focus on setting up new manufacturing industries, IT companies in Goa which will enrich our industrial area, generate employment, improving facilities in industrial estates and indirectly improving lifestyle & education. Goa is gifted with beaches, temples and hinterland which they have to encash through medical tourism

-Purva Gobre, Bicholim




My expectations from the MP would be proper maintenance of health centres, safe roads, make it easier for people to avail schemes provided by the central government, establishing more garbage treatment plants and food safety of every product especially fish

-Raveena Lopez, Teacher, Rivona



MP is a bridge between State and Centre. People want an honest parliament that legislates with integrity and serves the people of the country. We want a MP to be with constituents, understand their problems and try to resolve major issues which are within ambit of Central Government. He should not be corrupt and criminal but proactive and responsible

-Pradip Kakodkar, Chartered Accountant, Curchorem



When people elect and send their representatives at Lok Sabha as member of the parliament, they have certain expectation from them. They expect their MP to procure certain privileges for their State. Be it in the form of infrastructure, employment opportunities, educational and health facilities, etc. It is not expected that every expectation has to be met but within their tenure of five years an honest MP can do wonders for his people and state!

-Teresa Vaz, Teacher, Curchorem




Being the voice of his/her constituency, he should be responsible to bring and implement the Central government schemes/projects for his constituency. I feel he should also raise our local issues during the parliament sessions and get them sorted. He should stand by his voters and keep up to his promises once elected

-Rochelle Rebello e Furtado, Teacher Navelim



MP should be qualified and politically knowledgeable. He should work to improve educational policies and provide jobs to youth by bringing non-polluted industries in the state. We expect him to address the concerns of the local people and raise them accordingly in the parliament

-Danny Carvalho, Curchorem




The member of the parliament is the channel between the Central and State government they represent. There are so many legislations and acts to be amended for the betterment of the state but we hardly see any of our parliamentarian doing that. For all round development of their constituency an MP get Rs 5 crore per annum. The money can be spent on good projects that will enhance the living standards of the citizens

-William Fernandes, Stage artist, Curchorem



I expect MP to be policy maker. He is representing us in parliament so he has to work on different policies and take part in discussions and debate on various Bills in parliament. He should have good knowledge of law and constitution. He should try to get fund allocated to his constituency and see that the money is being judiciously spent by bureaucrats on people to bring equity in society.

-Sanjay Dessai, Curchorem




MP plays a vital role in the formation of government at the centre.

He should have knowledge of national as well as state issues which should be raised by participating actively in the parliamentary proceedings.

There are many schemes under the MP quota and he should make sure to get maximum funds from the central government for the development of his constituency and funds utilised resourcefully.

-Samresh Kanekar, social worker/businessman, Bicholim



MP is a link between State and Centre no matter he/she in ruling or opposition MP should have hold in centre at least take issue to concerned department, minister and have guts to talk freely in front of PM or media about facts and his initiative towards solution of issues of the state

-Sagar Parwar, Sanquelim




MP must work in close co-ordination with the state government and local MLAs to fulfill people

s needs.MP must work sincerely for the overall development of his district. He must use the fund allocated efficiently keeping in mind the people

s view towards development

-Tejas Khedekar, Bicholim





An MP must give jobs to Goan youth. There are various vacancies or posts which Goans should be given a preference. Many development works can be done in Goa. Mining issue is unsolved and should be given preference.

-Vidhyadhar Raut, Bicholim



The common man working as private shops, factories gets minimum salaries. They do not get hike in salary despite working at one place for several years due to which families and children are suffering. On the other hand government takes care of its servants by paying huge salaries by implementing sixth and seventh pay scales. The government should conduct survey of common man working in private sector, shops, provide them monthly subsidy of Rs 5000 to the employees working at low salary to the tune of Rs 5000 to 10,000 so that their families and children could live a decent life

-Uday Naik, Ponda




Government should not cheat people by reducing the taxes at the time of election and hiking it after election. Earlier taxes on sale of flat were 18.5 per cent but now government at time of election reduced it to 5%. Further political parties should not assure the promises that cannot be fulfilled by it such as free power and water connection, free houses.

-Udesh Naik, Ponda





Government should curb or control the rising menace of casinos in Goa. Government gets revenue from it but it ruins the life of youths and gets them addicted to gambling. GST and CGST should be lowered as common man is affected. The contract system should be abolished in Industrial estates so that employees do not get a break in their services and get hike in salaries from time to time.

-Sandesh Naik, Marcaim



Political Parties or the Government makes promises but don

t fulfill even 50% of them. This time around I expect that it should not happen. Common

man is suffering to get his livelihood because of high inflation. The cost of living is increased due to rising taxes on fuel. If inflation is controlled only then common man will get relief.

-Subash Kerkar, Kerim-Ponda




Common man is unaware of government schemes and so fails to derive benefit out of them. So there is need that these schemes reach the doorstep of common man. The MPs and MLAs should organise special programmes to take government schemes to the common man. Further there is dearth of employment and jobs. Government should create more jobs. It should revive all the Industries that are closed by providing them financial subsidies. Taxation on investment should be reduced.

-Vishal Fadte, Ponda




Currently there is shortage of private and government jobs. Many youth are unemployed. The Central Government should frame government job policies in such a way that one family could get livelihood with one family member getting a government job



Kumar Naik, Ponda (NO PIC)



The MP should take up Goa

s land issues, especially that of Sattari Taluka to the higher authorities. They should have a stronger grassroots connect with the locals and the MPs should help the public get the benefit of the newly launched central schemes. He should at least uplift one village in each taluka



Omkar Prabhu, businessman, Sattari



Rajesh Rane, Social Activist

Our MP must try to get the special status for Goa. He has to see that maximum central schemes and benefits are implemented in Goa from their quota and efforts required to start sustainable mining activity in Goa. MP have to highlight issue the regarding steps to protect the environmental issues in parliament. And efforts should be made to resolve the CRZ issue of 150 to 200 meters to protect the encroachment. The interaction with public on development issues should be done

-Rajesh Rane, Social Activist


The problem faced by mining dependent needs to be solved. Forget your party, be neutral and work for the community. Visit all the assembly segments atleast once in a year. Distribute M.P. LAD FUND equally, genuine reasons, to every nook and corner of his constituency impartiality.

Cajetan Vaz, Bicholim



Our MPs have to resolve the mining issue as soon as possible as many families are depending on mines. We also expect to take forward our problems to the Central level like creation of new jobs opportunities by bringing in more trade and manufacturing units to Goa; may be govt owned or private. The MPs should not boycott the parliament for personal or party gains because we are paying for them. And let me remind our MPs that one helicopter project of parts making plant is initiated in Honda by IDC, when Parrikar was defence minister, and till the date that company has not been started



Gaurish Gawas, youth icon, Sattari




We want our MP should raise the voice on our ;and issue especially the agricultural land, which has to be registered on our name, most of Valpoi area comes under forest and most of people don't have the proof of their land. Our MP has to bring a MNC company in Honda near the IDC to generate employment.



Mahadev Gaonkar, Velus, Valpoi



There are many central schemes to kick start the business at the central level but those schemes are delayed for long time, which schemes have to start by our MP. And our MP should be proper guidance to our students in choosing their education and also provides financial helps

- Omkar Dessai, Honda, Sattari



Our MP should no our problems, present MP is only visiting during elections time in Sattari Taluka, after elections he never shows his face in Sattari Taluka, so we demand our MP should show their face to their voters once a month to their voters

- Ramdas Shetkar, Keri, Sattari




Our MP should be available to his voters, once elected he should visit each taluka atleast twice a year and understand the needs of the state to be pursued at the centre.

  Most importantly the national Highway passing through Goa is not fit to be called highway. The MP should bring to the notice of the transport ministry and get additional funds sanctioned so that innocent people dying on this road can be reduced.

- Vishant Prabhu, Shellim, Loliem, Canacona



It is painful to see that the present generation of elected representatives from Panchayat to parliament promise heaven before elections and after getting elected it is just the opposite to say the least. Politics is a noble profession and our MP's are paid high salaries and pension with all benefits after being elected, Goans want their MP to stand by them if not lead them to save Goa from destruction, today these job is being done by common man. It's high time they realize for what they are elected for

- Manoj Prabhu Gaonkar, Mashem, Canacona




My MP should act as Goa

s voice. I have high expectations from our future MP. He should be vociferous in Parliament. He must raise issues related to Goa

s identity and Economy. MP

s duty is not limited to carry out MPLAD scheme. Our economy has been affected due to the mining ban and also the tourism Industry must get a new look. Issues like CRZ and pollution must be raised at parliament.MP can put a strong case for creating an institution like AIIMS in Goa



Tanya Fernandes Curchorem



Central Government has initiated a unique idea of Adarsh Gram. Unfortunately it was not clicked well. MPs failed to create Adarsh grams in Goa. My next MP should work hard to get Adarsh gram scheme in reality.

Agriculture in Goa is ruined due to various reasons. My next MP must find a remedy to protect agriculture in Goa. MPLAD scheme should be used for overall development in education and health.

- Ramesh Naik Curtorim Salcete




We need the pro activeness from MP. MP must reach to every village and city and must find out priorities of Voters. There should be people

s participation as far as development is concern. MP must be active in Parliament too must raise issues related to State

- Kamlaksh Prabhu Gaonkar Cuncolim




MP must advocate a strong case to get Special Status to Goa. If not economical help but need to protect our land for future generation. There is haphazard development in the state. MP must work for sustainable development. We need MPs who will work to protect our identity.



Oscar Martins, Cuncolim





We don

t need MPs to construct roads and buildings. We need a visionary MP.

  He must speak about our State in spite of any party affiliation. He should see that issues like mining, CRZ, unemployment, Special Status, tourism and new educational institutions get resolved. We need MPs who can deliver the best



Sankalp Dessai, Cuncolim





I expect my MP to be sensitive to the minority community especially us Catholics. I am aghast that it is going to be a dry day on Easter which will dampen our Easter celebration. Besides, the MP should work hard on employment generation to prevent our youth from seeking jobs abroad



Lenny Barreto, Woodcraft Designer




I would want my MP to keep in touch with his voters and instead of merely visiting the party office he should visit the people in their villages and wards



Joaquim Gomes, Retired Non Resident Indian




The MP should raise up State issues with the Centre so that a solution can be found. Besides, the MP should keep in touch with the people at the grass root level



Marcos Gonsalves, Konkani activist




The MP should use funds under the MPLAD scheme judiciously in all the assembly segments of the constituency. Personally I wish my MP would install CCTV cameras all over Margao and Fatorda.



Harshad Naik, Retired banker




The MP should concentrate on sustainable development instead of walking the beaten track where nature is destroyed in the name of development. Right now mangroves were destroyed for the Mandovi bridge and trees which are being planted to replace them are not indigenous to Goa.



Caesar D

Silva, Engineering Student






The MP should visit villages to know the problems faced villagers especially concerning the functioning of the post office and for us the railway line with special focus on need for crossing the railway tracks



Sylvestre Niasso, Sr Citizen from Davorlim



The MP should act as a liaison person between the centre and the State and get funds from the centre for the constituency

s development and use the funds to give benefits to the panchayats and municipalities.



Celestino Noronha, Communidade Attorney




Our MP should stand against nationalization of rivers, destruction due to Mopa, Casinos, real estate and destruction of agricultural lands. Coal handling at MPT should be totally stopped. And he should put forth a strong case for special status to retain the heritage and unique cultural identity Goa

- Pradeep Mokhardkar, Talpona, Canacona




MP should focus on creating more job opportunities for the literate people in government as well as private sectors. I want the MP to be more active in the constituency and help in implementing all central government schemes, some schemes like Mudra Yojna are not promoted by financial institutions and the MP should play a role in their implementation



Chaitan Babu Naik, Student of ITI, Canacona






MP should not be biased towards his or her party supporters, not only all the constituents should be treated equally but allotments of MP funds should be done where it is required the most that is in undeveloped areas of the constituency.



Shubam Komarpant, Canacona




Our MP's are paid a whopping 3.0 lakhs each month in salaries and other expenses while the average salary of most of the Indians is not even 3% of this. With such a fat salary drawn, I expect our MP not only to be well educated but to represent the views and aspirations of the people and be available to the constituents irrespective of the party affiliations 24X7. I feel the MP should put in place a mechanism by which common person like me can guide the MP to help frame policies and laws beneficial to the local population



Anil Bhagat, Gulem, Canacona




There is economic breakdown in the state as the major economy drivers, mining and tourism has been affected for different reasons. I expect our MP to take initiative and resolve the mining and other issues affecting Goans. Building halls and other infrastructure doesn

t help economic development of locals as both the contractor as well as other workers are non Goans, major part of their salary and profits go to their home state. What Goans aspire is their growth through business or jobs which has got totally stalled

- Samrat Bhagat, Bhagatwada, Canacona



It is the duty of Member of Parliament to take up the state issue at the central which the government fails to solve at state level. There are many issues such as increasing casino vessels in Mandovi River, mining and many more due to which thousands of people are affected. All these issues which the government has failed to solve at state level should be taken up at central level and solve them by ding constant follow ups.



Pradhyumna Keny, Pernem



Most of the youths today are unemployed due to lack of jobs. Many are working in sectors which are different from their education profile. As an MP who represents the state at national level, he should try to get more and more projects in the state which will help creating jobs in the state. These will reduce the unemployment making the state more developed



Pritesh Panjikar, Pernem



There are many central government posts that come up in different sectors such as health, education, defence, banking, railways however hardly any Goan is aware and can be found applying for these posts. This happens due to lack of awareness about the post and lack of education. The next MP should set up an institute or committee which will make awareness about the posts and provide with necessary educations of those posts. This will help the people to get education of interested course and can apply further



Sonali Pednekar, Pernem




The next MP should focus more on creating jobs in the state as the ratio of unemployment in Goa is very high. Focus on having training programs on projects like Skill India, Start-Up India which will help people to start their own business and create employment. Need awareness to be made on central governments jobs. Goa is only known for its beaches but the MP should promote Goan culture and traditions

Gunaji Mandrekar, Pernem




The newly elected Member of Parliament has to focus on rural development like roads, regular water supply in remote areas



Shaunit Sawardekar, Margao



One should go with the priorities of the state. Clean roads, garbage problems, jobs for youth, these are the 3 most important things I feel MP should try to resolve



Vibhav Mandrekar, Margao



Obtaining and proper utilisation of MPLAD grants from centre towards development of infrastructure and improving governance for better. MP should actively participate in solving local problem of the community



Sunil Virdikar, Margao



I would expect my MP should be liberal and fulfill, "by action", all the promises he will make and has made during elections rallies for better Goa



Prathamesh Naik, Margao




Small problems like housing schemes being misused by people and providing them to actual needy persons should be priorities of an MP



Dattaraj Pednekar, Margao



Local issues of people often get ignored due to in various constituencies. The MP has to look and devise a system to make sure these problems are heard



Gandhali Parab, Margao





s start speaking about women empowerment and increase our representation in the state as well as central political stage. Our MP should take initiative to start the revolution



Vaishnavi Naik, Margao




Development of Goa should carry on the way it is presently done. South Goa District Hospital needs to be open for the public soon



Devraj Faldessai, Margao




I expect our new MP

s from Goa to get us the long pending special status as we have been part of India only after 1961. Only Goans should be able to purchase properties in Goa. Prices of land are so high in Goa due to purchase by non-Goans that an ordinary Goan cannot afford it

 -Andrew Dsouza, Ex- Deputy Sarpanch of Bastora




I expect the MP

s to work towards getting a special status for under Article 371, for Goa and its people which was passed unanimously by the Goa Assembly on April 15, 2013



John Lobo, Social Activist





Peace and Harmony is above all. I therefore feel irrespective of caste, religion and creed we should speak together as one Indian. One criterion should be economic standing based on financial holding and nothing beyond. The nation should survive only that are we all safe



Vijay Kamat - Chartered Accountant


 Government needs to ensure the freedom and liberty of all its citizens by upholding their fundamental rights. They have to provide a just, transparent and efficient administration. They should act swiftly to punish the law breaker. At the same time they should not monopolise business but instead like a just referee, they should develop the local markets to encourage a healthy local competition. We expect the MP

s to represent us in the parliament to ensure that the rule of law in the state and country is followed



Muriel Almeida, School teacher


I would expect that he or she should solve the problem of unemployment as its becoming major issue in Goa as well as the country. Unemployment is leading many youth to take the wrong paths to fulfill their needs. In addition, proper steps towards plantation of trees along National Highways must be carried out to combat climate change and maintenance of local ecological balance



Shital Godad, Panjim


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