Herald: Willful neglect by administration in Salcete

Willful neglect by administration in Salcete

02 Dec 2018 06:35am IST
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02 Dec 2018 06:35am IST
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The audit reports of the Panchayats in Salcette reveal the authorities did not pay attention to the functioning of these bodies. Julio D’siLVa takes a close look at the extent of this rather disturbing state of affairs.

It appears that the administration has preferred to neglect the functioning of the Village Panchayats going by the Audit Reports of the panchayats in Salcete for the year 2016-17. While none of the panchayat secretaries furnished the surety bond, even the Block Development Officer and Extension Officers have not done the mandated inspections of the panchayats.

The BDO is supposed to do 3 inspections of the village panchayat while the Extension Officer is supposed to inspect them five times and both these government officials have failed to comply with this requirement.

The BDO has inspected the Curtorim panchayat twice while only one inspection was carried out at Dramapur and Sirlim and all the other 27 panchayats were not inspected by the BDO. The position is no different with the Extension Officer who has inspected the Sao Jose de Areal and Chandor panchayats thrice, Macasana panchayat twice and Orlim panchayat once.

Salcete BDO 1 Amitesh Shirvoikar said his office had carried out the inspections but the panchayats failed to record the same while Extension Officer Angelico Gracias pointed out that there was no extension officer appointed for Salcete during the year in question.

None of the panchayat secretaries who handle lakhs of rupees of the panchayat have furnished the surety deposit. The auditors have clearly mentioned that they have not furnished it in the case of 28 panchayats while in the case of Camurlim and Rachol panchayat they are silent.

Incidentally, the secretary is supposed to furnish a fixed deposit from any bank for an amount of Rs. 50 as surety deposit and the same can be taken and submitted to the next panchayat if he or she is transferred.

The panchayats have to conduct 4 ordinary and 4 special gram sabhas in a year but 10 panchayats did not do this in 2016-17 while Velim panchayat had 5 ordinary and 7 special gram sabhas. Chinchinim and Betalbatim had only one ordinary gram sabha while Macasana, Loutolim and Cana Benaulim had two ordinary gram sabhas and Chandor, Rumdamol Davorlim, Davorlim Dicarpale, Carmona and Varca had three ordinary gram sabhas each.

While all the 30 panchayats prepared the Administrative Report and submitted them to the BDO only seven of them prepared the Annual Action Plan to be submitted to the Zilla Panchayat.

What is significant to note is that neither the Directorate of Panchayat nor the BDO has taken any action against the panchayats that have not complied with what they are supposed to do as per the law.
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