10 Jul 2024  |   05:45am IST

Aaron to meet Chandan; Prandya to clash with Ishita in junior finals

Aaron to meet Chandan; Prandya to clash with Ishita in junior finals

Team Herald

MARGAO: In a thrilling culmination of the 4th All-Goa Naguesh-Sushila Verenkar Memorial Major Ranking Table Tennis Tournament, top seed Aaron Farias will face second seed Chandan Caro in the U-19 boys finals, while Pradnya Caro (1) is set to clash with Ishita Colaso (5) in the U-19 girls finals, organised by the Chandor Club under the aegis of the Goa Table Tennis Association, at the Chandor Club in Chandor.

Chandan, already a finalist in both the U-13 and U-15 boys categories, is in the running for a remarkable triple crown. Similarly, both Ishita and Pradnya are competing for double crowns, with Ishita having previously reached the U-13 finals and Pradnya vying for the U-15 title. 

In the U-19 girls quarterfinals, Pradnya Caro defeated Maroushka D’Costa 3-0, Anushri Naik overcame Roya Gopi 3-1, Ishita Colaso bested Urvi Surlakar        3-1, and Neeza Kamat triumphed over Sanisha Sinha 3-1. The semi-finals saw Pradnya Caro beating Anushri Naik 3-0 and Ishita Colaso upsetting Neeza Kamat (2) 3-1 to advance to the finals. 

In the U-19 boys quarterfinals, Aaron Farias defeated Pushkar Virginkar 3-0, Rishan Shaikh overcame Atharv Dhulapkar 3-0, Khushal Naik cruised past Ruhaan Shaikh 3-0, and Chandan Caro triumphed over Surendra Chube 3-0. The semi-finals featured Aaron Farias beating Rishan Shaikh 3-1, and Chandan Caro defeating Khushal Naik 3-0 to secure their places in the finals.


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