10 Aug 2022  |   05:44am IST

Ambrose, former Vasco captain, no more

Team Herald

PANJIM: Former India defender and Vasco Sports Club captain George Ambrose passed away on Saturday. He was based in Jabalpur for several years. He was 78. 

Vinod Parrkkot of Vasco Sports Club said, “George Ambrose was a fantastic player who had a great rapport with Avinder Singh the goalkeeper. 

The duo, he said, had developed a rapport when they played in the Corps of Signals in Goa before joining Vasco in 1967-68. 

“Ambrose was not very tall but his anticipation was fantastic. He could judge balls very well and clear attacks by the oppositions with great alacrity. He was also very good with both legs. He was part of the success story of the team between 1967-74.”

Ambrose also played for India in 1973. This made him eligible to join the Railways and he duly played for Central Railway and worked for them and later in Jabalpur.      


Iddhar Udhar