Herald: Football and education are equally important, says Dwayne

Football and education are equally important, says Dwayne

18 Feb 2019 05:22am IST
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18 Feb 2019 05:22am IST

Football is a composition of skills, passion and determination but it is the attitude and mentality which needs to stand out. As the Legendary Manchester United manager Sir Matt Busby once said, “If they are good enough, they are old enough.” Dempo SC’s most prized youth talent Dwayne Neto who co-incidentally is a fan of the Red Devils was recently called up for the National trials. Herald questioned Neto about his ambitions and quest to make a mark in Indian football

Herald: How do you feel on being called-up for Nat trials?

Dwayne Neto: I am delighted on being called up for the National trials. In fact I had presumed that I would be as Sir Bibano, coach of the Junior India team had spotted me at the Sub-Junior Nationals at Arunachal Pradesh and asked my details after the match. It’s a dream come true to be in the camp.

H: How was your childhood like?

DN: I have been playing football since a very young age. I grew up playing on the streets and the ball at my feet meant the world to me. My father is a sportsman, football and volleyball player too. He played football for Jawahar Club of Ponda and Mundvel Sports Club Vasco. He represented the Jr State Volleyball team. I used to watch my father playing football when I was a kid. And watching him play football drew me closer to the game. I also used to go to a local academy where I practised on a daily basis and developed my game.

H: Your background?

DN: My family has wholeheartedly supported me in every step I take in football. My father played a major role in my success. He has always been behind me so as to make sure I make it big in this game. My parents have been to every match of mine. They are my best critics. My father is always there to pinpoint my mistakes. My mother has taken good care of my nutrition and has seen  that I get the best of everything to remain healthy. My family has sacrificed a lot for me and I would love to take this opportunity and make them proud.

H: Who all have been instrumental in shaping your football journey till now? 

DN: I had my basics in football from my childhood coach Xisto Paes. I have been part of Dempo youth team for the past two years where the head coach Remus Gomes has helped me in improving my techniques and make me a better player. My father always tries to improve on my skills and techniques whenever at home. I try to learn from my teammates and take their help in improving my game.

H: Which positions you prefer playing? When did you decide to be a winger?

DN: I am comfortable playing in any midfield position. I like feeding the ball to the strikers. My biggest advantage is my speed and based on my skills my coaches have frequently played me on the wings. Playing there allows me to score a decent amount of goals.

H: Which player and club has inspired you the most?

DN: My biggest inspiration is Cristiano Ronaldo. I am always been mesmerised by his shooting, strength, speed and ability with the ball. I am a big fan of Manchester United. I always try to watch their matches. Among the Indian coaches, I am a big fan of Derrick Pereira and would love to play under him one day.

H: What’s the next step?

DN: I would like to continue playing football and at the same time give equal importance to my education as education and football can take a person to greater heights. I am aware of the fact that India has limited scope in football. 

H: Where do you find yourself five years from now?

DN: I would like to play for the National team in near future and hopefully to join a foreign club.

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