Herald: I am giving 110% in preparation for 2020 Olympics: Mary Kom

I am giving 110% in preparation for 2020 Olympics: Mary Kom

14 Apr 2019 05:39am IST
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14 Apr 2019 05:39am IST

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PANJIM:  For a spinster it is easy. For a married woman it is difficult and for a married woman with three children to become a boxing world Champion for six times is a bit tough believes Padma Bhushan awardee Ms Mangte Chungneijang, known to the world as Mary Kom.

 Normally it is believed that for every successful man there is a woman behind him but not in the case of 1983-born Mary Kom. Mary owes her success to her husband Karong Onkholee Kom.

“My name was hard to pronounce properly for my friends and coaches. So, I kept my name on my own Mary Kom, which my father was not aware and refused to believe that I was his daughter when he read about my achievements in local newspapers. The report had my picture too. Thankfully, at the end of the story my full name was mentioned. But my father was very angry as I took boxing,” said Mary Kom while speaking to noted sport journalist and author Boria Majumdar at the GoaFest 2019 at Bambolim.

For Mary, a part-time singer, the course to success was not easy and is never so. From virtually backing up for her house maid to giving interviews to the journalists from world over it does takes its toll. While boxing in the ring she along with her husband were fighting to treat their 5 year old ailing son at Chandigarh, close to Patiala, her coaching center. Travelling from her place of stay to coaching centers is tough. Even today they have to travel by bus and sleeper class in the train to reach coaching centers. However, she loves her rice cooker which is carries world-over so that she can cook her sticky rice.

“I love Goa and this is not the first time that I have visited Goa. But I need free time to see Goa. In fact wherever I go, I concentrate on work and goal first and only after I achieve it I go out shopping and clicking photographs. Now I am working hard, more than 110 per cent for 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The qualification rounds will be held this year. Now the facilities have improved and young people should come forward and play to make India proud by winning medals. Winning Silver and Bronze medals are not enough,” added Mary Kom who believes in humanity, humility and respect for all work.

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