29 Jan 2020  |   07:44pm IST

IPL 2020 Preview: Who Will Win?

IPL 2020 Preview: Who Will Win?

The auction has just completed for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 season, and the players are readying themselves for the upcoming league. But the big questions are, who will be the winners in 2020? Will the big money paid for the sports stars be worth it? Which teams have the best chances of doing well in the IPL 2020?
Read on for IPL news and reviews, and find out some handy IPL betting tips to help make sure you have a successful IPL season.

IPL Auction 2019

The auction for the new IPL season recently took place in Kolkata, with Pat Cummins arriving as the most expensive player to be purchased from overseas in league history. The Kolkata Knight Riders bought Cummins for over £1.6 million. The fast bowler from Australia says the money won't change him – he just wants to do his best and keep playing the game he loves for a great team. The Kolkata Knight Riders also purchased Eoin Morgan from England. Chennai Super Kings got Sam Curran, the all-rounder, and other big hitters include Glenn Maxwell and Chris Morris.
But the critical question is, will the money spent be enough to secure victory?

Who Can Win in 2020?

The ultimate winning team in the IPL 2020 will need to benefit from various key factors that will ensure success in this competitive league. For example, the winners will need a well-composed team with the advantage of overseas talent as well as home-grown expertise. Based on the results of the 2019 auction, Kolkata Knight Riders stand a good chance, as do Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. It is important to remember that overseas players do not make up the entirety of the squad, so home players need to be of excellent quality, too.

Another factor that could affect who ultimately wins the championship is the home ground. While the team is undoubtedly the top factor affecting success, the condition and the location of the ground is also important. The wicket is essential, the general state of the ground, and whether the players are suited to the site. All this combines to give some teams an edge.

Also, look at how good the IPL team is at winning away from home. Chennai Super Kings are well-placed in this regard, as are Mumbai Indians. Sunrisers Hyderabad are also interesting to watch.

Also, look at the captains of the teams. Captaincy is a vital component of a successful IPL team, and the skipper has the potential to lead a strong squad to victory. The captain should be experienced and a true leader in order to make the potential of the team a winning reality.

There are many opinions on who will ultimately be the champions of 2020 in the Indian Premier League. Who will you choose? Favourites include Mumbai Indians, while many people believe RCB will win IPL 2020. One thing’s for sure, there will be no lack of power and passion on display during this 2020 season run.