Herald: Mandar, Jahouh exit made Us handicapped: Lobera

Mandar, Jahouh exit made Us handicapped: Lobera

18 Mar 2019 07:42am IST
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18 Mar 2019 07:42am IST

Team Herald

MUMBAI: FC Goa coach Sergio Lobera said the final match was a well balanced but losing Mandar Rao Desai and later Ahmed Jahouh made us handicapped.

Speaking at the post match press conference, Sergio mentioned, “Losing Mandar due to injury in the first half was a turning point for us. It was a very tight game but later the send off of Ahmed Jahouh due to red card in the second session of extra time made us handicap.”

 “When we got the sent off I had to maintain six Indian players on the ground that made a bit difficult for me. From the four foreign players not on the pitch, there were two centreback and Hugo Boumous was an attacking player so it was difficult to make substitution with one man down.”

When asked if bringing Saviour Gama was the only option, the coach said, “As I wanted a leg back and if I had brought any other player than I would have to make more changes in the game.”

“I congratulate Saviour for being in the developmental squad and he has done a great job in the final,” he added.

Asked if Bengaluru FC were a better team today the coach replied, “The Blues were not better than us nor were we. It was a balanced game and a challenging final. Bengaluru FC hasn’t changed our game as we played as we wanted to. We have played a very exciting match and I am proud of the hard work put up by my boys.” “But I would also like to say that we were facing a great team and for me it was a game that anyone would have win,” he added.

After the final in the dressing room the coach replied, “Till today we were only focusing on this game and from tomorrow we will start working towards Super Cup. I thank my players as they are very professional but I am also sad as we lost the final. “I already have contract with FC Goa and I am happy to continue with the Gaurs,” he concluded.

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