03 Jul 2022  |   07:39am IST

National Games shifted due to lackadaisical attitude: GSF

Team Herald

PANJIM: The Goa Sports Foundation (GSF) stated that the shifting of the National Games is all due to the lackadaisical attitude of State Sports Department. 

“So far Rs 445 crore has been spent on the sports infrastructures and not a single amount on sports science/equipment and training of Goan Athletes,” stated General Secretary, Goa Sports Foundation Licio Roncon in a press release.

“Despite Double Engine Sarkar, the Goa has failed to organise the National Games. While Kerala planned the training of athletes three years in advance for the National Games,  the Goa Government still trying to develop the infrastructure. The Goa Govt was supposed to host National Games in 2011 and now we are in 2022.” 

“It is also shocking that the Goa Government planned to organise cycling and shooting events in Delhi. With that amount, Goa can build infrastructure for these event. We had earlier requested the Chief Minister to take up the matter with the Competition Commissioner of India to get back the excess amount charged by the contractor(s) for all National Games infrastructures. For instacnce, laying the Hockey Turf at Peddem Mapusa, around Rs 6 crore extra were looted by the contractor,” the General Secretary alleged.

“Besides this, the Goa Govt failed to do the follow up on the death bed letter of the then CM Parikar’s additional demand of Rs 100 Cr for the National Games which was addressed to Col. Rajavardhan Rathore, the then Sports Minister, Govt. of India, who gave an offer to Roque Dias the then ED,SAI /Dy Director General CWG ‘10 as CEO of National Games, Goa, which was declined,” Roncon added.

 “After seeing the facilities including the football turf at Arsenal UK, Dias decided to install the same turf in his Village and demanded the proposal from the State Govt for up- gradation of Santa-Cruz Football ground as a parting gift from the Central Govt. With the football proposal, the Govt of Goa added four more proposals for getting grant from the Centre, out of which three were almost completed projects for the National Games and one for Pernem Sports complex which was turn down by the Centre,” Roncon added.