30 Sep 2023  |   06:06am IST

Navelim SC move into last four

Navelim SC move into last four

Team Herald

RAIA: Navelim Sporting Club moved past SCC Loutolim 5-3 via tie-breaker to move into the semi-finals of  40th Sao Jose de Areal Panchayat  Cup inter-village football tournament organised by Sao Jose de Areal SC at Padribhat ground,  Sao Jose de Areal, on Friday. 

Clinton Niasso of Navelim SC and Shelford Fernandes of Loutolim missed chances to score in the 7th and 10th minute respectively. 

The full-time score remained goalless. In the resultant tie-breaker, Navelim Sporting Club netted through Clinton Niasso, Sadroy Costa, Ronaldo Pereira, Nevin Pereira and Suraj Naik while for SCC Loutolim, Ignatius D’Silva, Shelford Fernandes and Steve Gomes were on the target. 


Idhar Udhar