23 Nov 2022  |   06:18am IST

Neeskens, Dutch great, to train coaches in Goa

Team Herald

PANJIM: A member of the famed Dutch team that played total football in the 1970s will be in Goa for five days. Johan Neeskens will be in the State between December 4-9 training 30 coaches. This was revealed by the Sports Minister Govind Gaude who said coaches would soon be recruited in the Sports department and that he had been focusing more on the coaching section.

 Gaude said, “I am more focused on the coaching issue and by the next three months, coaches will be recruited in the Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs. We will start a good coaching system in Goa and we will start with football where we have invited the Dutch professionals to train 30 football coaches and this will start from December 5. We will engage international coaches to train our coaches because we are lacking in the coaching department."

 The coaching experience will introduce the coaches to the latest skills in developing the skills of coaches.

 This initiative is part of the World Coaches Program which has been active around the world since 2010 and more than 16,000 coaches joined the initiative Worldwide from 60 countries, with almost 30 percent of them being female coaches, a percentage that should grow for equal opportunities.


Idhar Udhar