Herald: Proper guidance can bring the best out of players: coach Devieka
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Proper guidance can bring the best out of players: coach Devieka

13 Jan 2018 05:58am IST

Report by
Anant Bakhale

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13 Jan 2018 05:58am IST

Report by
Anant Bakhale

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Goa’s women cricket coach Devieka Palshikaar and her assistant Anuradha Redkar, with their hard work, dedication and with the support of the team, made the State proud by winning the Plate Group of the Senior Women's One Day League. Both are confident that the team will even show better results in the near future. Anant Bakhale was in a tete-a-tete with both

Herald: Congratulation Devieka! Personally in your career, where does this final rank?

Devieka Palshikaar: I would rate this final as No 3 in my career as the Goa team was much better compared to Assam and Mumbai. When I joined Assam, the team which was much weaker than Goa and was lying at the bottom two of the table, in the first year itself the Under19 team reached the final. Secondly, Mumbai team, who were lying at the bottom two of the table and most of the senior players had joined Railways, I had a team of juniors with only three to four seniors but here also we reached the final of Twenty20 tournament.

H: Which was the toughest game in the tournament?

DP: According to me the match against Tripura was the toughest as they were unbeaten in the league phase and we had to beat them with big margin to qualify for the knock-out stage.

H: Tell us something about the team?

DP: I am very proud of this team. They played as one unit and gave their 100 per cent for each and every match. Every game we played some or the other player was contributing. They knew their strengths very well and they played accordingly.

H: How was skipper Shikha Pandey’s importance in the team as she had played at the National level?

DP: Any National player will always be a big asset for the team. Shikha is a true team player and a very good captain. She knows her teammates in and out and tries to take the best out of them according to the situation in a particular match.

H: Since when have you worked with this team? How did you sharpen the team?

DP: I joined the team in September 2016. I was with them just eight days before the tournament so I didn’t get much time to work with the team. This year I have enough time and I will see that I bring the best out of my team and also fetch more laurels for the State.

H: You are from Pune. How were you selected to coach the Team Goa? Besides Goa did you coach any other team?

DP: For the last 18 years I am into cricket which makes me feel proud out of which 9 years I am into coaching. I have coached Assam and Mumbai for 3 seasons each, besides I was also the assistant coach of Team India for two years. This experience got me into the eyes of Goa after which I was selected.

H: When did it dawn on you that you could be a good coach?

DP: I don’t think there is something like good or bad coach. If you understand your players well and guide them accordingly they give you good results. Again results don’t make you good or bad coach. I just try to understand my players mentally and work accordingly and try to bring best out of them. 

H: Since when have you been coaching and what made you choose it as career?

DP: I am into coaching for the last 9 years. I choose this as my career as I wanted to give back something to this game which is my passion. My knowledge and understanding about the game make things easy for me.

H: How, according to you, can one be the best and No.1 cricket coach?

DP: Cricket is a very uncertain game. Sometimes good team loses and sometimes not so good team wins. And so results do not make you No 1 coach. According to me there is nothing like No 1 coach but one can be a best coach by guiding players how to play good cricket and how to be a good human being as well. All coaches have the capability of telling what to do and even a few can tell you how to do.

H: Do women players really prefer a male coach?

DP: I don’t about others but whichever team I have coached has not shown any interest for a male coach nor have they asked for any.

H: Do you see players as your personal project? 

DP: I do not see players as my personal project but if someone comes to me for guidance I make sure that he or she will be satisfied with my suggestions and there will be some improvements in them. 

H: What is your next mission for Team Goa?

DP: We are on mission Twenty20 which will be starting from January 13, 2018 wherein we will play West Bengal, MP, UP and Baroda. Last year we had lost to all these teams but this year I will see that the team brings in more sucess and makes the State proud.
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