16 Jun 2023  |   04:42am IST

SFA championships at grassroots

Team Herald

PANJIM:  Sports For All (SFA), India's tech-enabled multi-sport grassroots competition platform, with the aim of attracting youth through inspiring and joyful sporting experiences plans to organise SFA championships in Goa.

Founded by Rishikesh Joshi and Vishwas Choksi, since 2015, SFA's focus is on transforming sporting championships at the grassroots level, by providing an inclusive, diverse, safe, and best in class platform for the youth to realise their fullest potential though sports.

The SFA championships were instituted to showcase the potential of large-scale multi-sporting competitions propelled with tech and data analytics.

Being phygital in nature, the SFA championships have today become the backbone of identifying sporting potential at the grassroots level. Since 2015, SFA has enabled 12 championships in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Uttarakhand, across 28 sporting disciplines, with participation of 2,00,000 athletes and more than 4000 schools.

SFA is empaneled with the Sports Authority of India (SAI), official partner of Team India under the aegis of Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and are sponsors for Khelo India Youth Games, beginning from Madhya Pradesh, 2023 (for the next five years, until 2028 editions), 36th National Games, Gujarat, 2022 and Khelo India Youth Games. SFA has also managed Khelo India Youth Games in Pune, Guwahati, and Panchkula


Iddhar Udhar