Herald: Salgaocar FC conduct ‘Nutrition on Pitch’ at Chicalim

Salgaocar FC conduct ‘Nutrition on Pitch’ at Chicalim

12 Jan 2019 05:03am IST
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12 Jan 2019 05:03am IST

Team Herald

CHICALIM: On Sunday, the budding footballing talent of Vasco, Chicalim and neighbouring villages tackled something new on the pitch during the Salgaocar FC’s Community Outreach Programme, held at the Chicalim Village Panchayat ground.

The event 'Nutrition on Pitch'  was  devised by Sangeeta Jain (Nutrition Consultant at V.M. Salgaocar Hospital) with the help of 8 Nutritionists to help the youngsters understand they cannot perform at their peak condition unless their bodies are fueled by the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that come with a balanced diet.

It was a complete afternoon of fun, games and knowledge which had interactive activities like "Nutri-Quiz",  "Nutri-Crossword" and games like "Nutrition in a bag".

The children also showcased  their thoughts about what nutrition meant to them through a Poster Competition. Parents were enlightened about the nutritional  needs of young football aspirants and their diet to aid better performance.

A food display table was designed to show examples of healthy snacks and beverages that should form part of the child's diet. The importance of hydrating with water, juices and infused drinks compared to trendy sports drinks and different types of foods  best for Pre, During & Post training nutrition were highlighted during the information session.

"A player’s daily calories need to come from healthy carbohydrate sources that provide energy to avoid fatigue. Protein helps build and repair muscles, and most kids get plenty of it through a balanced diet, while over-consumption should be avoided. Parents have to focus on their child’s overall diet to ensure that it is  balanced in all macro and micro nutrients for healthy growth and performance for which local, natural and traditional foods are the best option,” expressed Sangeeta Jain.

Speaking during the occasion Salgaocar FC Vice President Swati Salgaocar said, “At Salgaocar FC we are constantly thinking of the holistic development of our players both on and off the field. Nutrition is one such area where we felt there is a lot of information available, but expert inputs are required to guide parents and children so they can formulate a diet plan that is appropriate".

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