18 Apr 2021  |   05:51am IST

Sesa FA clarifies on players eligibility; Two clubs protests

Team Herald

PANJIM: Sesa Football Academy has confirmed that all their players (fielded for the Goa Pro League) were tested negative before they played the match against Youth Club of Manora on April 12.

“Five players of Sesa FA team were tested COVID positive on March 28 after that the entire team completely stopped training for 7 days and entire team along with support staff was in isolation. After completion of 7 days isolation period, the other players apart from 5 players who were already tested positive, were called for testing on April 5 2021 during which two more players were tested Covid positive,” added SFA statement.

The statement further read, “the entire team was again isolation till April 9.” The players who were tested positive on March 28 did the test again on April 8 excluding two players who tested positive on April 5. All these players tested negative as per the reports we received on April 9.” 

“The two players who tested COVID positive on April 5 are still under complete isolation and don’t have any contact with the rest of the team,” stated SFA.

However, despite the club claiming of fielding the players after getting the negative certificates, two professional league teams have lodged protests against SFA with the Goa Football Association for fielding an ineligible player during two matches on April 12 and April 15.

According to the reliable sources, it is learnt that Youth Club of Manora and Panjim Footballers have lodged protest against the Sanquelim based academy.

Given to understand, both clubs state that Sesa FA have fielded a player named Omkar Shetgaonkar who tested positive for COVID on April 6 for the GPL matches on April 12 and April 15. 

The clubs state that the player or team should have followed a mandatory 14 days quarantine period after testing positive before undergoing the next test.

Both clubs have alleged that SFA management has faulted and not adhered to the rules as regulated by the Government for a mandatory of 14 days quarantine period before undergoing the next test.

When Herald contacted a doctor from a government hospital, it was given to understand that once a person is found or tested COVID positive he/she should undergo a mandatory of 14 days quarantine and then undergo a test.

Now with all the three teams in relegation battle, the decision of GFA would be crucial and critical in judging this issue as this could change the whole scenario of the league.


Idhar Udhar