30 Nov 2023  |   05:40am IST

Sesa FA down Compassion FC

Team Herald

MARGAO: Sesa FA defeated Compassion FC, 2-1, in GFA-Vedanta Women’s League clash at the Sirsaim ground, on Wednesday.

The game kicked off with Sesa FA seizing the attacking initiative, launching early assaults that kept the Compassion FC defense on their toes. Midfield maestro Tanvi Parulekar orchestrated a brilliant move, gracefully manoeuvring past Compassion players before delivering a precise pass to Priya Dhatkar. Unfortunately, Priya's shot veered off target, denying Sesa FA an early lead.

Undeterred, Sesa FA persisted, and Priya found herself with another golden opportunity to score. However, her attempt to find the net fell short. The deadlock was eventually broken in the 24th minute, as Sesa FA's goalkeeper Lysandra Rodrigues struggled to handle Simran Narvekar's shot, resulting in a goal that propelled Sesa FA into the lead.

Tanvi Parulekar, a constant threat, had her fair share of attempts, with one shot going wide and a powerful header rattling the crossbar. Compassion FC managed to level the score before halftime, courtesy of star striker Pearl Fernandes' well-placed header, sending both teams into the break with a 1-1 stalemate.

The second half witnessed Sesa FA maintaining their attacking fervor, and they recaptured the lead in the 47th minute. Tanvi Parulekar's powerful shot, initially denied by the Compassion goalkeeper, rebounded to Priya Dhatkar, who calmly slotted it home, making it 2-1. Despite both teams pushing for additional goals, the scores remained unchanged until the final whistle. 

Sesa FA's Priya Dhatkar was named the player of the match.


Iddhar Udhar