06 Dec 2022  |   06:59am IST

Social aspect important in football: Neeskens

Team Herald

PANJIM: Johan Neeskens, who is in Goa to conduct the World Coaches Programme over the next five days for 32 coaches, has expressed his happiness at the performance of The Netherlands in the ongoing World Cup. He said Louis Van Gaal was doing an excellent job and he had nothing to complain about.

Neeskens said, “It would be unfair to compare the team of 1974 with the team of 2022 but he said the team had a philosophy of Total Football which was still being followed. 

“We are a small country which participates regularly in the World Cup and has entered three finals. We have an important match on Friday, we shall see what happens. 

“I am very happy Asian teams are doing well.” Speaking specifically about India, he said it was a very big country with great interest in cricket and hockey and it would take some time to add football to that list. 

He said it would help if they could use better coaches. Neeskens said, “I played in the USA in the 70s and they were in the same position India is in now.  Now just look at their women’s team, they are the best.”                          

Speaking specifically about the training session with the coaches, Neeskens, assisted by compatriot Berd Zoormen, said he would impart the philosophy of the Dutch where the social aspect is important. 

It would involve two hours of theory followed by two hours of practical work. Football he said was all about communication, fair play, respect for diversity and dealing with frustrations.  This training session is an initiative by the Royal Netherlands Football Association.