13 Apr 2021  |   06:26am IST

Police seize Ambedkar statue at Mangor, tense situation as locals gather in large

Tense situation in Mangor after authorities including Dy Collector and Police seize Ambedkar statue that was attempted to be installed at a public place

Area of Mangor witnessed tense moments on Monday evening after authorities including Mormugao Dy collector Sachin Desai and police officials arrived on site and confiscated a statue of Babasaheb Ambedkar that was planned to be installed on a public place. While huge crowds arrived on the site and resisted the move, Dy Collector and other police staff confiscated the staute. While residents claimed that the idol was brought by contribution of residents, sources said that the statue was almost installed and a part of political campaign to appease the voters in the area for the upcoming elections. The police later loaded the statue wrapped in cloth and took it away even as public tried to resist the forces Dy Collector Sachin Desai speaking to media later said that there was no issue with installation of statue but there was no permission taken from anyone " Someone had erected a statue without taking permissions on a public place and we have removed and anyone can come and claim it of required and it will be handed over. No one can erect a statue in a public place without permission and we also have model code of conduct in force and such things cannot be permitted " said Desai


Iddhar Udhar