20 Nov 2023  |   07:06pm IST

Tivim Locals Push for Change in Advertising Rates and Hoarding Regulations

Team Herald

In a recent assembly, Tivim locals reached a consensus to revise advertising rates at various bus stops, with the panchayat deciding to impose fines for unauthorized hoardings in the village. Sarpanch clarified that the bus stops, maintained by an external agency paying an annual fee to the panchayat for ad campaigns, were not owned or constructed by the panchayat. Former panchayat member’s queries about revenue from the bus shelters provoked demands for rate revisions, a concern the sarpanch acknowledged, leading to the decision to revise ad rates and impose fines on unauthorized hoardings. In addition, villagers raised concerns about road infrastructure, particularly the challenges posed by a speed breaker and zebra crossing on the main road. The Sarpanch informed that the gathering that the matter was under consideration and currently in the office of the Collector for resolution.


Idhar Udhar