From Canacona with love, Clifton belts out another hit single

Musician Clifton Fernandes from Canacona along with his group – Eternity Project – recently produced their third song. The video, which was released internationally and across music channels, has become a hit amongst the Goan audiences. Café tunes in

From Canacona with love, Clifton belts out another hit single


 Through the numerous bands and ensembles of musicians that are present across Goa runs a common aspiration to create something of their own; to create something new – an original piece of work that will mark their presence. The journey to do this is not an easy one. From deciding the style, genre and song to knowing if the audience is ready to accept what they want to create.

Clifton Fernandes knew a thing or two about what needs to be done to reach to the level he long aspired for. Growing up in the southernmost part of Goa, in Canacona, Clifton spent the majority of life dedicated to music. And after almost two decades of being on the music scene in Goa and having already come out with two songs with his group called Eternity Project, Clifton was keen on pushing the envelope.

Over the last year, Eternity Project has been working on their third song, ‘I will be waiting for you’, written by Clifton. The song and music video were released recently.

“The main idea behind the song was the current trend of incomplete love stories. It’s an incomplete love story where the boy promises to wait for the girl till the end,” says Clifton.

He describes the song as a romantic love song and a slow rock ballad.

The song was released on the occasion of Clifton’s birthday, at Back Bay Restaurant at Confetti, Velim at the hands of Goan musician Varun Carvalho. Varun was full of praise of Clifton, who is a guitar composer, songwriter, flute player and has been a lead singer in bands in Goa since 1999. “People like Clifton and such initiatives need to be supported. One thing I liked about Clifton is his passion and dedication for music. He literally lives and breathes music. It is really nice that he is now taking it to a different level by coming up with his original tracks. My support will always be there for Goan artistes making their own music,” says Varun, who has been promoting the song on social media.

The video was shot at Baradi, Canaiguinim (Betul), Ambea Ghat, Gaondogorim (Canacona), Tatwa Restaurant (Palolem) and at Sadashivgad in Karnataka.

“It has always been my dream to come out with my own music and I am very happy with the final product. More so with the response we have received since its release, be it in the number of views on YouTube (over 3,000 within 24 hours) or how it has been circulated on social media. The idea is to give something back to Goa,” adds Clifton, while talking about how grateful and humbled he is by the appreciation he has received from his fellow Goans.

Besides writing the song, Clifton has also composed the music and is the lead singer and lead guitarist for the song and the lead actor in the video. The music for the song was arranged by Clifton and Anson Fernandes, the co-founder member of the Eternity Duo Live Band.

Anson who also hails from Canacona, has played a major role in this current song with the piano keyboard and synth bass arrangements. As a keyboard and piano player, he has performed with the band Muzik Mania has done his professional music training from the Trinity Music School London. In fact, that is something the members of the group have in common – all are qualified musicians from Trinity College London and are music instructors at their music academy, Holy Cross Music Institute, Canacona. The other members are Canacona-based Navdeep Velip, who plays the rhythm guitar on the current project and Sid Gomes, who hails from Navelim and plays the drums for Eternity Project. Incidentally, Clifton and Sid are also part of one Goa’s top bands, Estonia.

The lead actress in the video is Konkani drama actress Clancy Cia Fernandes who has also done the choreography for the video. The cinematography for the project was headed by Provin Barretto of Crystal Impact Studio, Canacona, and assisted by HYD Margao. The drone pilot and video editor for the project was Ameer Desai (PhotoGenix studio) Margao. The audio mixing and mastering was done by audio engineer Lenoy Gomendes of Lens Studio, Sirlim, Navelim.

The song has been released worldwide, on music channels and other platforms in India and abroad. “Our main motto is to promote original music. And to support original music artistes from Goa.We are coming with more originals in another few months’ time,” add the members of the Eternity Project. The group had earlier come out with the songs ‘This Love’ – an English love ballad, and a Konkani romantic love song called ‘Sopon Mogachem’.

“The people who inspired to go ahead with ‘I will be waiting for you’ are my sister Penny Fernandes and wife Franvina Fernandes who are both residing in the UK,” says Clifton on a concluding note.

  • | 20 Sep, 2018, 06:08AM

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