Govt warns of action against those opposing Chimbel IT Park

Khaunte condemns Sunday meeting; Says historic lake is far away from the proposed site

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PANJIM: Notwithstanding opposition to the proposed IT Park in Chimbel, the State government while deciding to go-ahead with the project has warned of action against those trying to mislead the locals on the job creation opportunity. 
Addressing a press conference on Monday, IT Minister Rohan Khaunte has also assured that the project will ensure public participation and giving utmost care to environment. “All procedures will be followed (in proceeding with the plan) and it is happening in stages. At the same time, I would like to make a strong statement that people who like to take opportunities of blackmailing the government and misleading the people, action will be taken against them,” he said while taking a dig at activists and opposition who criticised the upcoming project ‘without having the knowledge of the subject.’
“I am surprised they (anti-project lobby) have showed their protest when they are not aware of the subject. The topic should be known. Learned people fighting issues for several years in the court, should have approached the government seeking details of what we are doing rather than participating in the protest meet without knowing the issue,” he further said adding, “It looks like it is a bunch of people with opposition in mind are trying to misguide the people of Goa.”
The minister also pointed out to huge unemployment owing to closure of mining while claiming that government is making efforts to create direct as well as indirect employment for the youth. 
“When on one hand many are complaining of unemployment, they are also opposing the IT project. Government is taking steps to create jobs through IT Park so why opposition? They should understand that many are jobless and such initiatives will not only bring back Goans working in other places but also help many living in their State get job opportunities,” he explained. The ST community in Chimbel will also be provided training, the minister added urging people to not politicise the issue. 
Condemning the anti-IT Park meet at Chimbel, Khaunte clarified that out of 4.54 lakh sq mtrs of land, the project will cover only 40,000 sq mtrs . “This is going to be a carbon zero footprint project. We have a participatory approach and a transparent way to proceed with the project. Utmost care of environment and the lake is also taken care of,” he said clarifying that the historic lake is far away from the proposed site in the village.
The government has already appointed a consultant for earmarking the property and ‘concept drawing’ which would be shown to the villagers. 
The IT department has three projects in hand comprising of Tuem Electronic City; and Chimbel and Porvorim IT parks to attract IT companies and startups.

  • | 16 Oct, 2018, 06:26AM

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