Locals reject Chimbel IT Park proposal

Allege that the minutes of the meeting of previous gram sabha were forged

PANJIM: Chimbel villagers on Sunday unanimously rejected the proposal of the Info Tech Corporation of Goa Ltd (ITCG) to setup an IT Park in the village and alleged that the minutes of the meeting (MoM) of previous gram sabha were forged.
Chimbel gram sabha witnessed chaos when the secretary read out the MoM of the previous gram sabha and stated that the meeting had resolved to grant permission to the ITCG to setup the IT Park. Villagers objected to this as they questioned the secretary on the agenda of the last gram sabha which did not have the IT Park on its schedule. 
Tukaram Kunkalker questioned the sarpanch and the secretary as how the resolution on IT Park was allowed in previous gram sabha when it was neither on agenda nor there were any proposals from any villager.  
After the secretary accepted that the IT Park was not a part of the last gram sabha, taking it up on Sunday, villagers unanimously rejected the resolution to setup the IT Park in Chimbel. 
Responding to a question, the Sarpanch replied that he was not aware nor panchayat had given any permission to ITCG for erecting barb fencing wires around the IT Park. Villagers informed that since last 6 to 8 months ITCG was carrying out wire fencing work on IT plot and villagers had filed numerous complaints to panchayat.
It was resolved unanimously to write to ITCG and the chief secretary demanding to immediately remove the barb wire fencing of IT Plot and in case if they failed to remove it within a month then the panchayat would remove all fencing and the cost borne to remove the same would be recovered from the ITCG.

  • By Team Herald | 22 Jul, 2019, 05:42AM

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