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One high-profile agency handling coal transportation at MPT, Adani Mormugao Port Terminal Pvt Ltd, has been facing plenty of public flak from locals. People have upped the ante against rising levels of coal pollution due to spillages of coal from the transporting trucks. NAVIN JHA maps the sentiments of Vasco’s sentinels More

Vasco to Dona Paula: All affected by MPT’s coal pollution, says GRE

Vasco fishermen have cast their net to rein in the MPT who they blame as the biggest backer of pollution in the port town. This face off between traditional folk and Vasco’s main institution, is getting bitter by the day. SHOAIB SHAIKH speaks to Olencio Simoes, General Secretary of the Goenchea Ramponkaracho Ekvott More

People’s solution

Very often Herald readers offer very constructive suggestions and solutions to most burning issues, because they know better than even we do. Among the letters we have received, we found ELVIDIO MIRANDA’S solution based one, important to feature with this package. We have summarised his letter and adapted it in a point form. More


Despite losing heavily in the Assembly Elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party finally formed the government with the help of alliance partners Goa Forward, MGP and three independents. While the alliance has cleared the floor-test 22-16 the real test lies ahead with challenging issues which the Manohar Parrikar-led government has to pay immediate attention to. SURAJ NANDREKAR, VIBHA VERMA and SHWETA KAMAT look into the immediate issues which demand the attention of the alliance More

Liquor owners to meet CM


What will be the fate of the casinos & the past decisions taken about them

The decision of shifting the casinos from Mandovi has been postponed number of times in the recent past. VIBHA VERMA attempts to find out if the Parrikar-led new alliance govt will make the move before the March 31 deadline More

Advisory panel on MoI to ask extension

A 3-month extension granted to the 17-member advisory committee on MoI has ended. VIBHA VERMA finds out the present situation on this issue More


This is the only party in Goa, which can afford to be in the power mix with even three seats. The MGP may not quite reach the lofty towers with claims of getting 10 seats or more, but even with 3, it will decide who forms the next government in Goa. SHWETA KAMAT takes this phenomenon further by looking back at how parties that finish number 3 or 4 have teamed with party #1 in Goa More

GSM confident of winning 3 seats

PANJIM: Goa Suraksha Manch (GSM) President Anand Shirodkar said the party will win three seats. Speaking to Herald, Shirodkar said, “GSM will win three seats and all the exit polls are showing wrong figures and the party does not accept it. Our alliance will form the government. More

Sudin Dhavalikar could force MGP to build back the bridge with BJP

MGP’s senior core committee members Deepak Dhavalikar and Lavoo Mamledar are against any patch-up with BJP, but it is Sudin who will have the last word; Deepak wants to ally with ‘like-minded’ parties while Sudin is open to ‘anyone’s support’. VRISHANK MAHATME attempts to tap into the internal mood of the MGP vis a vis their future political partners More

Independents & small parties offer no guarantees to big daddy parties

Big decisions await Independents, castaways and new regional parties but it is clear that big parties supporting them cannot expect their automatic support. TEAM HERALD reports that ultimately all independents will tilt towards power More

12 years later, Saleli’s past comes back to haunt villagers
12 years later, Saleli’s past comes back to haunt villagers

A murder of a landlord Prithviraj Rane by a mob in December 2005 had created a division among villagers. Although peace had returned after some years, a recent allegation against his brother of murdering one of those suspected for killing his own brother, has brought back the bitter tension in the village to the fore. BASURI DESAI reports from ground Saleli More

Deaths in Saleli – planned murders or suicides?

A section of the villagers say the deaths were due to accidents or suicides while some say it was a planned murder. BASURI DESAI meets the police to find out about the investigation into the alleged murder More

Mrs Shanu Gaonkar still believes that her ‘lost’ husband, lives… ...but hope is fading and turning to anger, as suspicion of his murder grows

She still waits for her husband to return. But 12 years later, she just wants justice. BASURI DESAI meets Shanu Gaonkar’s wife & family More

GSIDC – implementing projects or escalating costs?

The GSIDC was floated by the government in 2001 to speed up the implementation of its projects. However, the costs have scaled enormous heights. SURAJ NANDREKAR digs deep to find out how the expenses have soared in the last four and half years More

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