27 Jun 2022  |   06:31am IST

Shift Vasco Land & Survey Department

The Office of the Inspector of Survey & Land Records of Mormugao Taluka is situated on the second floor in dark and dingy premises of an old dilapidated building at Vasco. There is not even an elevator or a lift to go up to the second floor. The aged and physically challenged have to climb up the steps laboriously to reach the second floor. 

The basic amenities available to its employees as well as to the general public are deplorable and pathetic, to say the least.  The office is housed in a solitary cramped room where its employees work amidst heaps of stacked dusty old files and equipment in every nook and corner with a tiny cabin for the Inspector. Moreover, there is no proper ventilation or even adequate fans in the office. The only landline telephone of the office is also not functional.

Mutation cases of land as well as demarcation of property and partitioning have been recently transferred from the Dy. Collector to the Inspector of Survey, in whose cabin the public hearings of such cases are held. There are no proper seating arrangements for the visiting public either in the office or in the staircase landing where they are literally required to breathe on one another’s neck. 

It would, therefore, be in the interest of all to house the Office of the Inspector of Survey & Land Records of Mormugao Taluka in more conducive and spacious surroundings with proper amenities to its staff as well as to the common man. In fact, the crying need of the hour is to shift all state government offices of Vasco to a single administrative complex on the lines of the South Goa administrative complex at Margao.