25 Mar 2023  |   05:45am IST

Commuters to Panjim suffer total traffic block, chocked with no bypass option

Enormous volume of traffic enters the capital city from all the entry points; Merces Junction, Panjim city and Porvorim sealed with vehicles; down ramp to Panjim near the multi-level car parking can be opened to traffic moving to the city
Commuters to Panjim suffer total traffic block, chocked with no bypass option

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PANJIM: Commuters’ woes piled up as traffic blockades continued to plague Merces Junction, Panjim city, and Porvorim on Friday.

The enormous volume of traffic entering the capital city from all the entry points is making things worse for traffic management.

A situation similar to the last five days prevailed in Panjim on Friday. However, the Merces junction was congested. The Panjim Traffic Police Cell has roped in at least 10 additional staff to man the junction, which has become a point of the problem at this busiest junction.

The closure of the Atal Setu has only added to the woes. 

Now the traffic that usually got diverted to Porvorim directly also is entering Panjim city.

The Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) officials said that the resurfacing and rectification works pertaining to the down ramp to Panjim near the multi-level car parking are completed and can be opened to traffic moving to Panjim city.

“Opening of this ramp will ease the traffic congestion at Merces circle and KTC circle and would provide relief to commuters to a great extent,” the official said.

A similar situation is being witnessed in Porvorim daily as commuters are stranded in blocks for hours.

Panjim Traffic Cell PI Chetan Saulekar said, “The blockades continued as some heavy vehicles that took a lay-by near the city entered in the morning which created a brief block. However, we roped in 10 additional staff at the junction to make sure that the traffic is regulated,” he said.

“The problem won't be the same in the upcoming days even as the road closure continues. It is because the heavy vehicles have now been completely stopped,” he added.

“As the Assembly session is fast approaching, I am sure the work on Atal Setu will be completed and it will be opened for road traffic,” said PI Saulekar.


Minister “surrenders” to traffic chaos, asks MLAs to leave an hour early 

to come to Assembly

Instead of solutions, our lawmakers recommend “adjustments” to handle  Panjim’s traffic crisis 

PANJIM: Power Minister Sudin Dhavalikar on Friday said that MLAs attending the brief budget session of the Goa Assembly commencing on Monday, March 27 will have to start one hour early in view of the traffic congestions in Panjim and Porvorim areas.
With no solutions in sight, our lawmakers are clearly looking at adjustments
Dhavalikar said that he raised the issue of traffic snarls in Panjim and Porvirim on the National highway in particular during the cabinet meeting. He said that due to the mega block at Porvorim, the Ministers, MLAs, and officers attending the Assembly session will have to start from home an hour early to reach the session, though he added He said that adequate measures have been taken to ease smooth movement of vehicular traffic.


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