10 Jun 2021  |   09:09pm IST

Let’s Take a Look at the Evolution of Technology in the Sporting World


Throughout the last 200 years or so, it would seem that tech advancements and sport have gone hand-in-hand. Technology has helped to improve everything, from enjoyment to accuracy and even experiences. The key advancements in tech have impacted the past, present and future in numerous ways, and this is very interesting to say the least.

Photo Finishes

When you look at the history of technology in sports, it’s easy to see that there have been a lot of technological implications in the 1800’s. Photo finishing was implemented to try and determine the winner of horseracing. Even though it was a bit ahead of its time, it’s safe to say that photo finishing really did help to introduce a new wave of sports. It also helped tech to evolve sports in general.  When this evolved, companies began to develop their own chips that would be implanted into athletes. This would help to capture the record time across various points across a race.


Another thing that has changed quite drastically is betting. When you look at betting back in the day, you will soon see that you had to visit a brick and mortar establishment if you wanted to place a bet. Following on from that there was telephone betting but only if you had an account with a bookmaker. Now you just need to go online and type in a few details and before you know it, your bet will be placed. Sites such as 

Comeon bet and similar in the genre have also helped to revolutionise the betting world, by offering live updates regarding matches and upcoming fixtures.

Instant Replay

When you look from a technological standpoint, it’s easy to see that tech can be implemented in the form of an instant replay as well. Sometimes calls have even been reversed because of instant replays, and this is helping people to ensure that the game that they are playing is fair as well as ensuring that fans are able to see the action for themselves.  A big component of things such as instant replay would be the media. The 

media has begun to broadcast some of the biggest games in the world and this has helped to spur on the biggest advancements yet.


Another thing that has changed quite considerably would be streaming. From mobiles to tablets and even laptops, it’s safe to say that 

streaming has never been easier. Almost anyone can stream from their device and you can also catch a lot of the hottest sporting events with ease. It’s also remarkable to see how far technology and even television has come. Now you can watch any game from your phone or your laptop. WiFi can be a pain in some instances but at the end of the day, it has also created a way for people to watch sports with ease.

When you look at things from a statistical point of view, even if a smartphone does not have the capabilities to keep up with the demanding streaming requirements of a live game, people can still catch up on the latest statistics. This is ideal for making sure that everyone is able to take part in the action.