22 Nov 2020  |   05:46am IST

MMC wants to simplify process for licences

MMC wants to simplify process for licences

Team Herald

MARGAO: The Margao Municipal Council has sought the assistance from computer savvy people from the town to simplify the procedures of issuance of Trade and Construction Licences in order to avoid unnecessary delay.

Chief Officer Agnelo Fernandes has expressed his desire that enlightened people from Margao should help in designing the module which can make the process more feasible and manageable so that the public are given prompt delivery of service within the shortest time.

"This step is initiated to eliminate the tedious process which hinders prompt delivery of service which will involve re-engineering of service requirements with use of information technology,” said Fernandes. 

"The purpose will be to reduce the complexity and avoid unnecessary delay. Since we are in the process of implementing Time Bound Delivery of Services this module of Margao personnel will go a long way to help our own citizens,” said the Chief Officer.


Iddhar Udhar