21 Dec 2021  |   06:25am IST

Seafarers urged to protect and preserve identity

Seafarers urged to protect  and preserve identity

Team Herald

MARGAO: Goan Seamen Association of India (GSAI) president Frank Viegas urged the seafarers to be part of campaign to protect and preserve identity by participating in the progress and development of villages.

On Sunday, the GSAI commemorated 60th Goa Liberation Day and seafarers, who were part of Goa liberation, took part by recollecting their cherished memories remembering freedom fighters that sacrificed their lives and struggle to liberate Goa. 

Nixon Gomes appreciated the association’s good work carried out for the seafarers’ community and public in general and assured full support for the betterment of seafarers.  Viegas brought to the attention how Goan seafarers managed to form Goa-Portuguese Seamen Club in the year 1896 mostly from the catering department with unity to fight for their rights and welfare initiative and who had paved way for the future generations to take as a career in shipping.

 "It is part of the government to protect and help seafarers in times of difficulties since seafarers jobs are mostly temporary, it’s like hire and fire. At a time of COVID-19 pandemic, seafarers especially those who worked for Merchant Navy played a crucial role to keep the world trade moving by means of export or import,” he stated. 

Further, he said, “The government must step in to encourage our youth especially in remote villages to take shipping as their career which will ease their burden since most youth depend on government jobs.”


Idhar Udhar